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MCA Projects in Java Free Download


Accessing a Network Using Secure Mobile Communications

In this project, a method is proposed to overcome certain disadvantages faced by symmetric algorithms during key exchange in the internet using a simple call blocker application that synchronizes user data with the user’s account in the server. There are security issues like sniffing of data while accessing information through open channel. Proper security measures can help to deal with the common security threats faced by mobile phone users such as data protection, privacy, application and personal information security. Cryptographic techniques play an important role in protecting communication links and data, since access to data can be limited to those who hold the proper key. This project discusses a method to securely access information in a network by an android mobile application using AES cryptographic technique. The project also describes a new key sharing algorithm, based on symmetric key management for faster and efficient encryption of data that is suitable for use in a mobile device...............>>>>> Read More


Access My PC

Access My PC, as we call it, is a software that allows users to access devices connected to their systems from remote locations. The process starts when the different users, who need the facility, get registered through our website and download the application program for the said facility. Once the software is installed on the home pc then the user can access the devices connected to the system from any location using our website through the Internet. A simple registration form is provided to the user wherein he can enter his name, address, contact number, email id, login id and password. After filling up the proper information, the user gets successfully registered for the application software. The user is authenticated for his login name and password, which was provided to him during the registration process. If the user fails to give his proper login id or password, an error message is displayed to him indicating that the login id does not exist...............>>>>> Read More


3D Graphics Library for Mobile Applications

The scope of this project is to develop a 3D graphics library for embedded systems like Mobile. The library is created for the basic API’s that will be able to render a 3D moving object into the screen. These sub-sets of API contain the basic operations that are necessary for rendering 3D pictures, games, and movies. The API’s are implemented based on the OpenGLES 1.1 specification. The activities carried out include Study of OpenGL based on the specifications, study and comparison of OpenGLES with OpenGL, understanding and analysis of the State Variables that depict the various states in the functionality, which is to be added, new architecture & design proposal, design for new architecture & Data Structures, identification of sub-set of APIs, implementation, testing. ..............>>>>> Read More


Face Detection Using Template Matching

Face detection is concerned with finding whether or not there are any faces in a given image (usually in gray scale) and, if present, return the image location and content of each face. This is the first step of any fully automatic system that analyzes the information contained in faces (e.g., identity, gender, expression, age, race and pose). While earlier work dealt mainly with upright frontal faces, several systems have been developed that are able to detect faces fairly accurately with in-plane or out-of-plane rotations in real time. Although a face detection module is typically designed to deal with single images, its performance can be further improved if video stream is available. ..............>>>>> Read More


Load Shedding In Mobile Systems Using Mobiqual

In location-based mobile continual query (CQ) systems, the two key measures of quality-ofservice (QoS) are freshness and accuracy. To achieve freshness the CQ server must perform frequent query reevaluations. To attain accuracy the CQ server must receive and process frequent position updates from the mobile nodes. However, it is often difficult to obtain fresh and accurate CQ results simultaneously due to limited resources in computing and communication and fast-changing load conditions caused by continuous mobile node movement. Hence, a key challenge for a mobile CQ system is to achieve the highest possible quality of the CQ results in both freshness and accuracy with currently available resources. In this paper we formulate this problem as a load shedding one and develop MobiQual-a QoS-aware approach to ..............>>>>> Read More





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