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Sree Krishna Jayanthi Costume : Images, Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Cards, Greetings, Stickers and GIFs.

Published on Sep 14, 2020

Sree Krishna Jayanthi Costume : Images, Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Cards, Greetings, Stickers and GIFs.


Sree Krishna Jayanthi Costume : Krishna Janmashtami is also known as Krishnashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Sree Krishna Jayanthi, Gokulashtami. The festival is celebrated with most fervour in Mathura which is said to be his birthplace. In Kerala, Tamil Nadu and in some parts of Karnataka, Krishna Janmashtami is popularly known as Ashtami Rohini and is observed based on Solar Calendar.

On the auspicious occasion, people enact dance-dramas based on the life of Krishna according to Bhagavata Purana, sing devotional songs throughout midnight and fast through the day.

Ashtami Rohini on Thursday, September 10, 2020

Ashtami Tithi Begins - 02:05 AM on Sep 10, 2020

Ashtami Tithi Ends - 03:34 AM on Sep 11, 2020

Sree Krishna Jayanthi Costume

Krishna Jayanthi Costume

Jayanthi Costume

Jayanthi Costume

Krishnashtami Wishes

1. May the Natkhat Nand Lal always give you
happiness, health and prosperity and may you
find peace in Krishna consciousness.

2. May Natkhat Nandlal always make your life
colourful with lively pranks that keep you on
your toes and instills and evokes child-like
traits in you, at all times.

3. Let's celebrate Lord Krishna's Birth.
Sending you my heartfelt good wishes on
this auspicious day of Janmashtami.

4. May Lord Krishna always shower
His blessings on you, and may every year
Janmashtami bring lots of happiness
for you and your family.

5. May Lord Krishna steal all your tensions
and worries on this Janmashtami
and give you all the love, peace and happiness.

6. May Lord Krishna drizzle the entire
benediction on you and your family
on the festival of Janmashtami.

Sree Krishna Jayanthi Images

Sree Krishna Jayanthi

Sree Krishna Jayanthi

Krishna Jayanthi

Krishna Jayanthi

On this Janmashtami, may all your wishes come true and may Nand Gopal shower his blessings on you and your loved ones! Happy Janmashtami!

During the ceremonies of Krishna Janmashtami, devotees of Lord Krishna send messages to each other and these short messages help Krishna's devotees to express their love and devotion towards Lord Krishna through a text message.

Janmashtami Deity(s)

The main deity which is worshipped during Janmashtami is Lord Krishna. As Janmashtami is the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, the toddler form of Lord Krishna, which are known as Bal Gopal and Laddu Gopal, are worshipped on the day of Krishna Janmashtami.

Apart from young Lord Krishna, the biological parents of Lord Krishna i.e. Vasudeva and Devaki, the foster parents of Lord Krishna i.e. Nanda and Yashoda and the siblings of Lord Krishna i.e. Balabhadra (Lord Balarama) and Subhadra are also worshipped during Janmashtami Puja.

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