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IEEE Seminar Topics : West Bengal Govt Prachesta Scheme

Published on Nov 15, 2020 : West Bengal Govt Prachesta Scheme : The state government has come up with an "effort project" through which the state government will provide Rs 1,000 to day laborers. This project was launched a few days ago. Starting online today, “Prachesta Prokolpo Online App” .Prachesta Prokolpo Online App Download.

The state government has announced this project to help those who have lost their jobs for Kovid 19. The state government's effort project through which the state government will pay 1000 rupees to day laborers.


1. The outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19) in the country has caused loss of livelihood for a large number of labourer/daily wage earner and worker working in the unorganized sector of our State. Due to loss of employment and livelihood, these people are passing through very difficult times.

In order to provide some relief to such labourer/daily wage earner/worker, who is in extreme distress, the Governor is pleased to introduce a new scheme called "Prachesta"

3. The details of the new scheme 'Prachesta' are given below.

The details can be downloaded from the website

The Prachesta Scheme


Any labourer/daily wage earner/worker who is a permanent resident of West Bengal, who is in extreme distress due to loss of employment/livelihood opportunities due to outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19) and does not have any alternative sustainable source of income, will be eligible for the assistance on fulfilment of following conditions :

(i) The labourer/daily wage earner/worker is a sole bread-winner of the family.

(ii) The labourer/daily wage earner/worker should not be a beneficiary of any social scheme of the State, like social pension scheme (Old age, Widow and Disability pension), Samajik Suraksha Yojana (SSY) etc.

(ili) Only onc person from a family will be cligible. Family for the purpose of the scheme, shall include husband, wife and unmarried children.

(iv) District Magistrate/Commissioner, KMC is satisfied that the applicant has actually lost employment/livelihood opportunity due to outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID- 19) and does not have any alternative sustainable source of income.

(v) District Magistrate/Commissioner has reason to believe that the labourer/daily wage earner/worker is passing through extreme distress.

How to Apply for Prachesta Scheme:

Eligible candidate to submit an Application (as per enclosed Format — Annexure-A) to the District Magistrate in the districts or Commissioner, KMC for Kolkata Municipal Corporation area. The application has to be submitted by the individual personally. No bulk applications will be accepted.

Processing and Approval:

(1) District Magistrate will make arrangements to invite/receive applications, enquire and process through BDO in rural areas and SDOs in urban areas.

(2) Commissioner, KMC will make atrangements to invite/receive applications, enquire and process in KMC area.

Nodal Department:

The Labour Department, Government of West Bengal will act as Nodal Department for the implementation, monitoring and supervision of the scheme.

Effective Date:

The Scheme will come into effect from 15" April 2020 and will remain in force till 15" May 2020.

Prachesta Scheme Application Form Online can be downloaded from the webpage given below:

Documents Required for Prachesta Scheme

1. Applicant Aadhaar card

2. Photograph of the applicant

3. Residential proof

4. Bank account details

5. BPL card

6. Mobile number

Guidelines for Sanction and Payment of Financial Assistance of On-Time Ex-Gratia Payment Under Prachesta

The outbreak of Corena Virus (COVID-19) in the country has caused toss of livelihood fora large number of labourer daily wage earner and worker working in the unorganized sector of our State, Due to loss of employment and livelihood, these people are passing through very difficult times.In order to provide some relief to such labourer/daily wage earner/Aworker, Who is in extreme distress, a new scheme called “Prachesta” (TSS has been launched. 1. Procedure for sanctioning and disbursement of Financial Assistance of one-time Ex-Gratia under Prachesta Scheme

1. Availability of Application Form: —

i. The intended beneficiary under the Scheme shall apply in the Application Form tor Prachesta Scheme prescribed for the purpose through physical application individually. No bulk applications will be accepted.

ii. The Application Form may be obtained free of cost from the following offices: i Office of the District Magistrate or offices designated by the District Magistrate ii. Office of the Commissioner, Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

2. Submission of Filled up Application Form:

The applicant shall submit the application along with necessary documents to:

I. The District Magistrate in District areas; or

Il. The Commissioner, Kolkata Municipal Corporation in case the applicant residing in Kolkata Municipal Corporation area.

3. Preliminary Inquiry and verification:

After receiving the Application, a preliminary enquiry will be made by the District Magistrate/ Commissioner of KMC, as the case may be, to ensure eligibility under the Scheme.

4. Digitization of Eligible Cases:

All the eligible applications will be digitized and uploaded in the Prachesta Link in the State Portal ( by the District Magistrate or Commissioner of KMC, as the case may be. The DM/Commissioner KMC will be able to create multiple users for ease of digitization. Once digitized, the list beneficiaries shall be forwarded to the Nodal (Labour) Department for sanction.

5, Sanction of pension by the Nodal Department through Bank Account:

After receipt of applications which are verified and recommended by the District Magistrate/Commissioner KMC, the Nodal Department will sanction the one-time ex-gratia. The “Sanctioned beneficiary files” with Scheme name, Name of the beneficiary, Mobile Number, Bank Account No., IFSC & Claim amount has to be generated in State Portal (www. by the Nodal Department and sent to the concerned bank for payment.

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