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Happy New Year 2020 Whatsapp and Facebook Stickers - Apps on Google Play

Published on Feb 28, 2020

Happy New Year 2020 Whatsapp and Facebook Stickers - Apps on Google Play

This new year, Blessed Christmas to all of you from every corner of the world marry Xmas. Good Bye 2019

Its a festival day now, like happy new year and also WhatsApp gives a big sticker app update so we bring WAStickerApps Happy New Year Sticker Pack WhatsApp for you to add happy new year sticker in WhatsApp app. To add sticker you need to install an app, Select happy new year categories to tap on Add to WhatsApp button. After this, it will be added to WhatsApp and you can easily send and share happy new year sticker to all.

Explore the best collection of Happy New Year 2020 Stickers, New Year Greetings Stickers, Countdown Stickers, Happy Holiday Stickers, Thank You Stickers, GoodBye 2019 Stickers for WhatsApp.

The App can be downloaded from PlayStore by clicking the below link. App by WAStickerApps Emojis

How to use WAStickerApps Happy New Year Sticker Pack WhatsApp

1. Indonesian: Selamat Tahun Baru

2. French: Bonne année

3. German: Frohes neues Jahr

4. Hindi: naya saal mubaarak ho (नया साल मुबारक हो

5. Tamil: Puttāṇṭu vāḻttukkaḷ (புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்)

6. Telugu: Nūtana sanvatsara śubhākāṅkṣalu (నూతన సంవత్సర శుభాకాంక్షలు)

7. Kannada: Hosa varṣada śubhāśaya (ಹೊಸ ವರ್ಷದ ಶುಭಾಶಯ)

8. Gujarati: Sāla mubāraka (સાલ મુબારક)

9. Nepali: Naya Barshako Shubhakamana (नयाँ बर्षको शुभकामना)

10. Bangla: Śubha naba barṣa (শুভ নব বর্ষ)

11. Marathi: Navīna varṣācyā śubhēcchā (नवीन वर्षाच्या शुभेच्छा)

CountDown has begun.! "New Year" is right around the corner.! So get ready to party all night and have fun sharing sending cool New Year 2020 Stickers to your friends and family members on WhatsApp. Share the "Countdown Stickers" in WhatsApp to bring the excitement. With the holiday mode on, you can also wish your near and dear one with "Happy Holiday Stickers". The app has the best collection of "New Year 2020" stickers for WhatsApp and you can easily add these stickers to WhatsApp with just the click of a button.

New Year Sticker

All these exciting stickers for WhatsApp are well categorised into various sections like Good Bye 2019, Happy New 2020, Multilingual Stickers, Welcome 2020, Goodbye 2019 Stickers, Happy Holidays, Thank You Stickers and many more coming in. Wish New year in various languages like French, Indonesian, German, Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Bangla, Nepali, and lot more. The stickers are added very frequently to make your experience much better every time you send the sticker in WhatsApp to your friends and family.

With WhatsApp stickers support, this app supports sending customised stickers to your near and dear ones.

This is pretty simple. Just Install the app and click the add to WhatsApp button and you are done. Then go to WhatsApp, press emoji button and in that you can find stickers tab, and you can start sharing the "New Year" Wishes instantly.

Happy New Year 2020 to all.!

Countdown is on.!

Thank you for making this app the best New Year Sticker App for WhatsApp

New Year Stickers by SARA EL Apps

Free Happy new year Stickers for messaging texts and share , When words are not enough to express your feelings, you can now express them with the New Year's stickers for WhatsApp 2020 wastickersApp.

New Year Stickers For WhatsApp 2020, wastickers app brings you the best sticker pack for WhatsApp, you can share 2020 New Year sticker packs with your friends, family, colleagues ... We offer you a selection New Year sticker packs so you can choose the one that's right for you. You like the most of a huge collection Happy New Year Stickers for whatsApp2020.

The App can be downloaded from PlayStore by clicking the below link.


♥ Super and the most beautiful stickers of the new year.

♥ Unique chosen stickers 2020

♥ Happy New Year wishes 2020 stickers for WhatsApp

♥ Compatible with different versions of Android.

♥ Happy new year stickers 2019

♥ Stickers Happy New Year of Good Quality.

♥ Wide variety of stickers.

♥ Low space on your phone.

♥ Happy new year emoji for WhatsApp

♥ New Year's Day stickers to chat on WhatsApp

♥ Free cute stickers for Whatsapp.

New Year Stickers For WhatsApp 2020

The New Year 2020 is a special day; Let's enjoy the first of January with the Happy New Year stickers and make the best day of the year by adding and sharing incredible, beautiful and happy stickers in our WhatsApp discussion, such as:

★ 2020Styles

★ Color Styles 2020

★ Badge Styles

★ Funny Styles 2020

★ golden styles

★ Label Styles 2020

★ Pink Styles 2020

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