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PPT : Artificial Intelligence Substation Control Seminar with Free Download

Published on Nov 30, 2023


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Artificial Intelligence Substation Control

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==> Controlling a substation by a fuzzy controller speeds up response time diminishes up the possibility of risks normally related to human operations.

==> The automation of electric substation is an area under constant development

==> The research has focused on, the Selection of the magnitude to be controlled, Definition and implementation of the soft techniques, Elaboration of a programming tool to execute the control operations.

==> It is possible to control the desired status while supervising some important magnitudes as the voltage, power factor, and harmonic distortion, as well as the present status

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Plant Description

==> Figure

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Controller Design

==> The following input variables have been defined
==> In selecting the variables, several aspects were kept in mind.

==> For example, the voltage influences in the connection and disconnection of loads when its value leaves some ranges during certain time

==> A decrease of the voltage 7.5% below the nominal value is allowed during a certain time (for example, 10 min), while from 10% on, the maximum allowed time is much smaller

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Automatic Rule Extraction

==> The rule base represents the knowledge base of the controller.

==> The proposed approach is able to start the operation with an empty or uncompleted rule base

==> During the inference process, the membership degree corresponding to each column in the rule is calculated.

==> The rule extraction takes place each time the controller does not find any rule in the rule base with a fire degree bigger than zero, and, as a result, an alarm requiring an operator action is sent

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Inference Module

==> The controller outputs are decided by searching in the rule base.

==> Since the consequence part in each rule only deals with status variables whose values are crisp numbers(0 and 1), use of defuzzification method is not necessary.

==> Therefore, the controller output in each case will be the consequent part of the rule with the biggest fire degree

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Operation Modules of the Controller

==> Figure

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Experimental results

==> To carry out the experiment, a software for the platform windows 9x/2000 using Delphi was elaborated.

==> Signal generators for the analog input variables were used

==> The experiment was starting from the status 0011.

==> During the first 400 measurments,243 actions could not be determined by the controller ,an expert gave the answers i.e., ,and as a result,243 new controller rules were extracted

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Fast Response and Diminished Risk

==> For the control of a substation by means of the connection of devices for improving its performance, it is necessary to keep in mind not only the measurement of the electric magnitudes but also the status of some control devices that define their topology

==> Control and protection devices governed by individual decision methods that allow the substation operator when needed can be coordinated from an upper supervisory level.

==> It is possible to follow a preference criterion for the disconnection or connection of CBs when using a controller based system

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==> Electric substations are facilities in charge of the voltage transformation to provide safe and effective energy to the consumers.

==> This energy supply has to be carried out with sufficient quality and should guarantee the equipment security.

==> The associated cost to ensure quality and security during the supply in substations is high.

==> The automation of electric substation is an area under constant development.

==> Nevertheless, the control of a substation is a very complex task due to the great number of related problems and, therefore, the decision variables that can influence the substation performance.

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