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3d Internet Explorer

Published on Nov 30, 2023


Also known as virtual worlds, the 3d Internet Explorer is a powerful new way for you to reach consumers, business customers, co-workers, partners, and students. It combines the immediacy of television, the versatile content of the Web, and the relationship-building strengths of social networking sites like Face book . 3D Internet — with the added benefit being that someone can experience it from the comfort of their home or office.

The possibilities for the 3D Internet are such that Forrester Research expects that virtual worlds may approach the Web in popularity in as little as five years, while Gartner forecasts that within ten, the greatest impact on consumer purchases will come from virtual experiences.

Building the 3D Internet:

The success of 3D communities and mapping applications, combined with the falling costs of producing 3D environments, are leading some analysts to predict that a dramatic shift is taking place in the way people see and navigate the Internet. The appeal of 3D worlds to consumers and vendors lies in the level of immersion that the programs offer.

The experience of interacting with another character in a 3D environment, as opposed to a screen name or a flat image, adds new appeal to the act of socializing on the Internet.

"In a chat situation, some of the things you do in a 2D environment are going to be more fun in a 3D environment," said Sterling. "Functionally there's no difference in what you're doing, but seeing it makes it more fun."

As the users become more immersed in the environment, advertisers see better ways to market their products.

Advertisements in Microsoft's Virtual Earth 3D mapping application are placed as billboards and signs on top of buildings, blending in with the application's urban landscapes.

3D worlds also hold benefits beyond simple social interactions. Companies that specialize in interior design or furniture showrooms, where users want to view entire rooms from a variety of angles and perspectives, will be able to offer customized models through users' homePCs.

"There are a certain number of functions that are obviously going to be better in a 3D environment, such as real estate, and there's a lot of potential e-commerce areas,"The potential of 3D environments is attracting major attention and investment.

3d Internet Explorer

Google to launch 3D interactive Internet visor:

Google representatives report that the company Google is preparing a new revolutionary product called Google Goggles, an interactive visor that will present Internet content in three dimensions. Apparently the recent rumors of a Google phone refers to a product that is much more innovative than the recent Apple iPhone.

Google’s new three dimensional virtual reality:

Anyone putting on “the Googgles” — as the insiders call them — will be immersed in a three dimensional “stereo-vision” virtual reality called 3dLife. 3dLife is a pun referring to the three dimensional nature of the interface, but also a reference to the increasingly popular Second Life virtual reality.

The “home page” of 3dLife is called “the Library”, a virtual room with virtual books categorized according to the Dewey system. Each book presents a knowledge resource within 3dLife or on the regular World Wide Web. If you pick the book for Pandi, Google will open the Pandia Web site within the frame of a virtual painting hanging on the wall in the virtual library. However, Google admits that many users may find this too complicated.

Apparently Google is preparing a new revolutionary product called Google Goggles, an interactive visor which will
display Internet content in three dimensions


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