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3d Internet Browser

Published on Apr 02, 2024


Also known as virtual worlds, the 3D Internet is a powerful new way for you to reach consumers, business customers, co-workers, partners, and students. It combines the immediacy of television, the versatile content of the Web, and the relationship-building strengths of social networking sites like Face book . Yet unlike the passive experience of television, the 3D Internet is inherently interactive and engaging. Virtual worlds provide immersive 3D experiences that replicate (and in some cases exceed) real life.

People who take part in virtual worlds stay online longer with a heightened level of interest. To take advantage of that interest, diverse businesses and organizations have claimed an early stake in this fast-growing market. They include technology leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco, companies such as BMW, Toyota , Circuit City , Coca Cola, and Calvin Klein, and scores of universities, including Harvard, Stanford and Penn State .

3d Internet Browser

Yet these screens are obviously still not really portraying a realistic three dimensional world. They're just simulating three dimensions on simple 2D screens. The Vision station goes a step further and allows a more ' inclusive' 3D view:

3d Internet Browser

Standard flat-screen applications can display a field of view of no more than 60°. The Elements Vision Station however allows for a fully immersive display of 160°. The Vision Station's ultra-wide field of view creates an amazing sense of space and depth, without need for goggles or glasses. The large size of the Vision Station screen (1.5 meters) also helps promote an excellent sense of immersive 3D

University of Tokyo 's TWISTER 360-degree rotating 3D display

TWISTER (Telexistence Wide-angle Immersive STEReoscope) is an immersive full-color auto stereoscopic display, designed for a face-to-face telecommunication system called 'mutual telexistence', where people in distant locations can communicate as if they were in the same virtual three dimensional space.

Researchers from the University of Tokyo , led by Susumu Tachi, have developed a unique display that allows viewers to be immersed in a 3D video environment.

3D Video Environment



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