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Published on Apr 02, 2024


The idea behind ExitReality is that when browsing the web in the old-n-busted 2D version you're undoubtedly using now, you can hit a button to magically transform the site into a 3D environment that you can walk around in and virtually socialize with other users visiting the same site. This shares many of the same goals as Google's Lively (which, so far, doesn't seem so lively), though ExitReality is admittedly attempting a few other tricks.

Installation is performed via an executable file which places ExitReality shortcuts in Quick Launch and on the desktop, but somehow forgets to add the necessary ExitReality button to Firefox's toolbar. After adding the button manually and repeatedly being told our current version was out of date, we were ready to 3D-ify some websites and see just how much of reality we could leave in two-dimensional dust.

Exit Reality is designed to offer different kinds of 3D environments that center around spacious rooms that users can explore and customize, but it can also turn some sites like Flickr into virtual museums, hanging photos on virtual walls and halls. Strangely, it's treating Ars Technical as an image gallery and presenting it as a malformed 3D gallery.

Experiments And Hypotheses:

This experiment compares the usability of a two-dimensional (Microsoft Windows Explorer) and a three-dimensional (Clockwise Win3D) desktop environment. The figures above show the screen shots for the experiment setup for both 2D and 3D window environments. The objective of the experiment includes understanding the following issues:

1. Compare the effect of spatial arrangement on both users' retention and ease of navigation.

2. Compare the amount of users' retention for both 2D and 3D window environments.

3. Compare the ease of navigation for both 2D and 3D window environments.

Basically, (1) and (2) are about comparing how well the users remember the spatial locality of items. This pertains to the effect of having an ecological layout, compared to a flat 2D layout. Some studies have shown that an ecological metaphor presents a more natural environment to the users, hence aiding in recall and retention.

3D Internet Experiment

Download The Seminar PPT of 3D Internet below


Hence, The results from this study suggests that the familiarity of a software is important in achieving better user performance in terms of speed. This is why a 2D environment outperforms a 3D environment in terms of speed due to widespread use of 2D window environments. Moreover, the results show that navigation ease is the key point to achieving better user performance and satisfaction.

Navigation ease is affected by 2 factors. First, the amount of environmental cues is critical to users performance. Providing better environmental cues as in 3D would lead users to a better navigational experience. Second, familiarity with the navigational tools is equally important as evident in the 2D environment. We therefore would recommend practitioners to consider merits of both 2D and 3D window environments and achieve a good balance


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