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Experimental Investigation on Cold Formed Light Gauge Rectangular Hollow Section with Welded Knee Joints

Published on Nov 30, 2023


The most of the structural steel members used in structures has to span great length and surround a large three-dimensional space. The lengths of the members are required to increase by suitable connection (By Bolted/ Welded). Thus, connections are needed to form an important steel structural member. Very less work is done in welded connections in Cold formed Light sections. The present study is motivated on determining the experimental tests on welded Connections for Light gauge cold formed Rectangular hollow sections. In this project, there are seven experiments conducted on 60mmx40mmx1.6mm Rectangular hollow Sections. The experimental tests included flexural tests on full welded sections with various types beam column joint connections and the results were compared to codal values. It is found that, the knee plate welded connection with full all-round with knee plate leg size of s=1.5d has given high strength. Hence there is increase of load with increase of leg size of knee plate. This type of connection has got higher moment capacity.

Keywords : Cold formed Light Gauge Steel Section, Butt Welded Connection, Tension Member, Failure Pattern & Knee Joint.


The Light-gauge sections are connected by welding & tested for its suitability, it is proposed to carry out test of different types of welded beam column framed connections in UTM, to assess the behavior& performance of welded connections & also to find out efficient method of connecting by welding, as not much work is done in this. Hence we proposed to investigate by carrying out above tests.


The experimental investigation is done by forming framed connections by welding of different methods. The perpendicular framed connections are subjected to point loads to know the deformations and load/flexural strength of the joint. The graphs are plotted between deformations Vs. load/Moment.


Cold formed Light Gauge

Cold formed Light


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2. The optimum dosage of Tamarind seed powder for treating lake water is 1g/L as it has brought a reduction of turbidity of 65.82%.

3. The optimum dosage of activated Charcoal of rice husk powder is 3.5g/l as it has brought a reduction of turbidity 78.14%.

4. The best bio coagulant among MOP, TP and RHAC is RHAC as the percentage reduction in turbidity using this bio-coagulant was 78.14%.

5. All the three bio coagulant were used one after the other in the order of Tamarind seed powder, MO seed powder & activated charcoal using rice husk respectively. The water collected after the entire treatment is seed to laboratory for analysis. The results obtained had shown a decrease in Total Coliform and Fluoride content.

6. But the sample had shown rise in BOD & total nitrogen and phosphate content. The results might have occurred owing the organic nature of the bio coagulant.

7. Earlier studies had shown that bio coagulant like MO will work well when the initial turbidity of the water sample is more and in this work also it was evident that when initial turbidity of sample was more, effectiveness of MOP was comparatively higher.

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Failure Buckling Load

Scope for Future Work:

1. The same experimental tests can be carried out by varying the thicknesses of the members.

2. The same tests can be directed by providing Knee leg stiffener plates on both sides of the web.

3. The same type of experimental studies can be carried out by FEM analysis.

Project Done By Mr. Zuarker Rajesh Shripad