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Utilization of Waste Plastic in Manufacturing of Bricks Along With Quarry Dust & M-Sand

Published on Nov 30, 2023


There is considerable imbalance in the conventional building materials; there is a great demand in recent past years. In quarries while cutting out the lateritic stone with help of cutting machines which produces 15-20% of soil wastes which poses a problem of disposal & utilizing the quarry waste.

The quantity of plastic waste in municipal solid waste collection is expanding rapidly ,the rate of expansion is double for every 10 years .since it is non-biodegradable which remain on earth for 4500 years without degradation & it is a great challenge in disposing of waste plastics ,it is also danger in repeat recycling of plastic waste it poses a danger of being transformed to a carcinogenic materials & only a small amount of pet bottles are recycled, it has a many good characteristics such as versatility , hardness, resist to chemical ,water impacts.

In recent years ,the natural sand is replaced by the m-sand .m-sand is also used in mixture of plastic & soil , in this work an attempt has been made to manufacture of bricks by using the waste plastic in range of 60-80% by weight of lateritic quarry waste & m-sand mixture.

The bricks manufactured possess the properties such as neat & even-finishing with negligible water absorption & which satisfies the compressive strength to a certain extent.

Keywords : Waste Plastic, Bricks, Quarry Dust & M-Sand


The main objective of this work is to develop an efficient way to effectively utilize the waste plastic which is great threat for the ecological balance. Plastic has numerous uses, plastics do pose disposal problems. The motive being reduction of environmental related hazards from plastic.

Articulating the fact that most plastics can be recycled to products with long standing benefits, the project is exemplary to the same.


Plastic can be used in manufacture of bricks, kerbs etc. Polymer modified bitumen (PMB) being one of the break through techniques of efficiently recycling plastic has redefined road construction in the country. Brick is main material for building. Manufacture of a plastic brick with a tested composition of polyethylene will not only meet the strength parameters specified in IS 2212:1991 “CODE OF PRATICE FOR BRICK WORKS: BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS” and also reduce plastic waste which is hazard in waste management.


The results are as indicated below in table.

Compressive Strength


The plastic brick made with 20% waste plastic by weight of M-Sand and Laterite quarry dust was found to be more than that of red clay brunt brick.

Scope for Future Work:

1. Mix Design and casting methodology may be further improved and studied for future.

2. Finishing of bricks can be future modified and aesthetic appearance can be worked out.

3. Suitable admixture increasing the compressive strength may be studied.

Project Done By Mr Hari Krishnan N, Mr Karthik S, Mr Chandrashekar R, Mr Amir Khan