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MBA Finance Project Report Download Free

Inventory Management and Budgetary Control System

Inventory, as a current asset, differs from other current assets because only financial managers are not involved. Rather, all the functional areas finance, marketing, production, and purchasing, are involved. The views concerning the appropriate level of inventory would differ among the different functional areas. The Conflicting view points of the various functional areas regarding the appropriate inventory levels in order to fulfill the overall objective of maximizing the owner s wealth. Thus, inventory management, like the management of other current assets, should be related to the overall objective of the firm. It is basically concerned with inventory management techniques.......>>>>Read More



BANCASSURANCE' as term itself tells us what does it means. It's a combination of the term 'Bank' and 'Insurance'. It means that insurance have started selling there product through banks. It's a new concept to Indian market but it is very widely used in western and developed countries. It is profitable both to Banks and Insurance companies and has a very bright future to be the most develop and efficient means of distribution of Insurance product in very near future. Insurance company can sell both life and non-life policies through banks. The share of premium collected by banks is increasing in a decent manner from the time it was introduce to the Indian market.......>>>>Read More


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