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MBA Finance Thesis Topics or Ideas

Currency Derivatives

Any individual or corporate expecting to receive or pay certain amounts in foreign currencies at future date can use these products to opt for a fixed rate - at which the currencies can be exchanged now itself. Risks arising out of borrowings, in foreign currency, due to currency rate and interest rate movements can be contained. If receivables or payments or are denominated or to be incurred in multiple currencies, derivatives can be used for matching the inflows and outflows. The FX contract capitalized on the U.S. abandonment of the Bretton Woods agreement......>>>>Read More


DICGC and Deposit Insurance

The concept of insuring deposits kept with banks received attention for the first time in the year 1948 after the banking crisis in Bengal . The issue came up for reconsideration in the year 1949, but was held in abeyance till the Reserve Bank ensured adequate arrangements for inspection of banks. Subsequently, in the year 1950, the Rural Banking Enquiry Committee supported the concept. Serious thought to insuring deposits was, however, given by the Reserve Bank and the Central Government after the crash of the Palai Central Bank Ltd., and the Laxmi Bank Ltd. in 1960. The Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC) Bill was introduced in Parliament on August 21, 1961 .......>>>>Read More


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