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Personal Finance Projects for High School Students

Descriptive Qualitative Approach towards the Financing Needs of Indian Telecom Sector

To fulfill the objective of the project, different research methodologies have been used to come on the conclusions. Mainly descriptive study has been made to keep the research simple and narrative and some time quantitative and mainly qualitative approaches have been made to the subject. Mainly secondary data which have been collected from different websites, magazine, research papers, interactions and books, have been used for analysis purpose. Different case studies have been taken in to consideration to bring out some facts.......>>>>Read More



The term " Derivative " indicates that it has no independent value, i.e. its value is entirely "derived" from the value of the underlying asset. The underlying asset can be securities, commodities, bullion, currency, live stock or anything else. In other words, Derivative means a forward, future, option or any other hybrid contract of pre determined fixed duration, linked for the purpose of contract fulfillment to the value of a specified real or financial asset or to an index of securities. With Securities Laws (Second Amendment) Act,1999, Derivatives has been included ......>>>>Read More


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