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MBA Finance Project Report Sample

Islamic Financing

In this project, we try to study Islamic banking and financing as an alternate mode of financing as a remedy. In the wake of crisis, world has slowly started to shifting to this alternate financing model which offers a wide range of complexly engineered tools viz., Mudaraba, Murabaha, Musharaka, Istisna, Musaqat, Ijara and a lot more as has been discussed in the upcoming chapters. Salient features of each have also been studied. Islamic finance is based on principles of shariah, or “Islamic law.” Major principles of shariah are a ban on interest, a ban on uncertainty, adherence to risk- sharing and profit sharing, promotion of ethical investments that enhance society,......>>>>Read More


Investment Opportunity in Stock Market with Special Focus on Oil Sector

The capital market (securities markets) is the market for securities, where companies and the government can raise long-term funds. The capital market includes the stock market and the bond market. A stock market is a market for the trading of company stock and derivatives.The aim of the project is to understand the overall equity market, to get to know the trading, clearing & settlement aspect of the equity market. As far as this project is concerned, it will help me to understand the overall working of the equity market & its importance to the economy of the India. A huge amount of money flows & millions of shares exchange hands in a single market day.......>>>>Read More


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