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Finance Project Topics for MBA

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is capital provided by a foreign direct investor, either directly or through other related enterprises, where the foreign investor is directly involved in the management of the enterprise. Development of a new business or acquisition of at least 10% interest in a domestic company or a tangible assets, (purchase of bond & stock). "Foreign direct investment is the transfer by a multinational firm of capital, managerial, and technical assets from its home country to a host country". ......>>>>Read More


Financial Planning and Forecasting

Financial Planning and Forecasting is the estimation of value of a variable or set of variables at some future point. A Forecasting exercise is usually carried out in order to provide an aid to decision – making and planning in the future. Business Forecasting is an estimate or prediction of future developments in business such as Sales, Expenditures and profits. Given the wide swings in economic activity and the drastic effects these fluctuations can have on profit margins, business forecasting has emerged as one of the most important aspects of corporate planning. Forecasting has become an invaluable tool for business to anticipate economic trends and prepare themselves......>>>>Read More


Competitive Analysis of Depositary Service Provider

Competition, being an important market force needs to be tracked, analyzed & preempted. Market leader always have a system to help them preempt any competitive moves. For this, it is not just important to know competitor by name, but also critical to understand it s major strength & weaknesses. A competitor s strength may be its marketing systems, aggressive sales force, and its relationship with major external environmental variables like government & financial institute or a financial resources base. For the effective competitive analysis only ......>>>>Read More


Comparison of Initial Public Offer in Infrastructure Sector

Initial Public Offer (IPO) refers to the offering of stock in a company to the public through a public market. When a company sells stock to the public for the first time it is called an initial public offer. Stock is sold in the primary market at an offer price determined by the IPO team. Following the financing, the shares are traded in the secondary market. Selling stock in the primary market is assisted with investment bankers or underwriters that help promote the potential offering. Investors purchasing stock in IPOs generally must be prepared to accept very large risks......>>>>Read More


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