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Telenor Quiz Answers Today : 17 March 2021 : Get 100 Free MB from My Telenor App

Published on Mar 04, 2023

Telenor Quiz Answers Today : 17 March 2021 : Get 100 Free MB from My Telenor App


Telenor Quiz Answers Today : My Telenor App brings a quiz contest for its user’s daily basis, With which you can win Telenor 4G internet every day. Here you will get the correct Telenor answers to the Telenor quiz on 17 March 2021. And you can win easily free Telenor 4G internet from the “Test Your Skills” contest.

We are showing you the 17 March 2021 Telenor quiz answers. After this, you will get free up to 100MB Telenor 3G/4G internet.

Telenor Quiz Answers Today 17th March 2021

Q1: Two days are equivalent to how many hours?

Answer : 48

Q2: How many weeks are there in one year?

Answer : 52

Q3: What is the number of total players in a cricket team?

Answer : 11

Q4: What is the number of strings on a violin?

Answer : 4

Q5: How much of Earth’s surface is covered by ocean?

Answer : 71%

Step by Step guide, to get free data

• Open My Telenor App

• Click on the “Test your Skills button” on the right side in-app

• There you will see 5 questions.

• You need to answer those questions.

• You must answer those 5 questions correctly.

• Then you will get 100/50 MBs.

Telenor Quiz Tactics That Will Help You to Win

If you are a Telenor user. And you have the My Telenor app installed on your mobile. So make sure you know the following steps. Otherwise, download My Telenor App from Google Play Store firstly.

1. Open My Telenor App

2. Click on Test your Skill Button on the right side of the bottom of the app.

3. You will saw the Today Telenor Questions on the screen.

4. Here are 5 questions and each question has 4 choices.

5. Now you have to answer these questions correctly.

6. Make sure all answers to questions correct.

7. Bonus Tip: You can visit my website every day to get the right answers to questions.

8. After correctly answering these questions you will win free internet from My Telenor App.

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