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su exam eduapp co in Student Webcam Test : Eduapp Online Examination Candidate Login

Published on Mar 04, 2023

su exam eduapp co in Student Webcam Test : Eduapp Online Examination Candidate Login


su exam eduapp co in Student Webcam Test : Eduapp gives each school or university their own overview of recommended apps & best practices. Teachers and students can choose from a growing amount of (web) apps to improve learning. These can be very helpful, but also create new challenges: Which one should I use and is it supported by my school? Who can I ask for help?

To make sure learning apps have a positive impact, schools need to better inform and support their teaching community. Eduapp makes this easy.

su exam eduapp co in Student Webcam Test : Live Updates

What makes Eduapp unique

Search & explore

Create a rich, visual overview of apps & best practices. Categorize using your own categorizations and mark apps as safe, restricted or discouraged.

Spent less time on content

With our database of learning apps you will save a lot of time updating content. With Eduapp you can also ask experienced teachers to update or create content.

Seamless integration

Eduapp can be embedded inside your school website or portal. Users are directly logged in using their school account. This makes it secure, simple & fast.

Gain insights

See which apps are popular and which are missing within your school and within other schools too. This will help the IT department with decision making around the digital learning environment.

Higher adoption

Eduapp makes it easy to share best practices, written by staff members and published by admins. Staff members can also directly share their personal experience.

Instructions for Web Camera

1. Please test your Webcam here (Kindly test this link in Google Chrome browser only) : Webcam Test (

2. Light should be good enough in the room where candidate is appearing for the exam (There should be sufficient light on the candidate face to make it visible to the web camera)

3. Webcam quality should be good, candidate can check with above share link in point no.1

Important Instructions for the online test

1. If any candidate appears for the test through mobile, any phone calls or any other notifications during the test will consider as a warning alert.

2. No one else should be present in the surroundings other than the candidate during the test.

3. Candidate must keep in mind that their images will be recorded by the system. Therefore, it is strictly advised that the candidate does not leave the seat during the test. Such behavior will be immediately recorded as a violation.

4. The student may not use his or her textbook, course notes, or receive help from any other outside source.

5. Students must complete the exam within 60 minute time frame allotted for the exam.

6. Students must not stop the session and then return to it. This is especially important in the online environment where the system will "time-out" and not allow the student to re-enter the exam site. Make sure you've turned off all distractions -- TV, social media, and all notifications.

7. Very important: Students should not switch screen or move out of the exam page, System may terminate your exam and you won't be able to get access to again resume exam. Minimizing browser window may terminate your exam.

8. The system will alert you for the last 15 mins of the exam duration.

9. No washroom breaks and snack breaks are permitted during the exam.

10. Before the exam please test your computer or laptop or a smart phone (which you intend to use for taking the Exam) to ensure that it is working well, processing speed is good, and the camera and microphone are working perfectly. (NOTE: You may not be able to appear for the exam if web camera OR microphone attached with your system is not functional and the access to the same is not granted).

11. Do not use the alt-tab, mouse or any other device to shift from the test screen to any other screen or do not try to open any other application while attempting the test. Doing so may result in discontinuation of the test and it will be considered as null and void.

12. Candidates are requested to disable antivirus updates/windows updates / notifications / alerts etc. before the Exam because the system will treat this as an alert warning

Resuming Exam

• If candidates have had to discontinue the test for whatever reason, they are requested to re-login within stipulated time by using the same login credentials.

• Candidates can resume the test where they have left, as all the previous details including the exam’s remaining time will be saved in the system automatically

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