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Published on Mar 04, 2023 Dashboard : Go-To-School Initiative by Extramarks Dashboard : The fight to contain the #COVID19 spread has left a deep impact on all day to day functioning. With the number of Corona virus cases rising in India, schools across the country are precautionarily shutting down, leaving a dismaying gap in the learning progress of students.

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In the wake of this fact, Extramarks has decided to give free access to its K-12 Learning App to all Extramarks enabled schools and learners till 30th April 2020. Because, learning must go on. Dashboard

Go-To-School Features

• Live classes can be taken by teachers, anytime, anywhere

• Homework can be assigned to students

• Teachers can also create worksheets for students

• Students can be given tests to check their preparedness

How to request free access

Are you an Extramarks enabled School?

• Check your mailbox for the steps to implement this program.

• Haven’t got the email? Contact the Extramarks representative of your school

Not an Extramarks School?

Learning is Fun with ExtramarksK-12 The Learning App

Exciting Highlights –

- Alex – Meet the first ever AI-backed studybot, who will help you reach your learning milestones, and will be with you at all times of day. You can simply click a picture of your doubt or the problem you want Alex to solve, and send it to him for instant resolution.

- Personalized Learning Journey – Alex curates an intelligent learning journey for you after considering your specific learning needs and academic goals. This learning path takes you on a journey through each chapter in a personalized manner, throwing in quick tests to assess the level of comprehension, and adapts to the results to curate the next milestone of the journey.

- Achieve – Achieve is a service which provides real time doubt resolution, problem solving , and complete mentorship, where Extramarks’ teachers use SNAAP (Student Needs Analysis and Academic Profile) to ensure that you do well in your academic journey.

The entire learning journey at Extramarks is backed by a robust Reports and Analytics platform, which helps you understand your personal and comparative performance. It helps you –

- Identify gaps and strength areas in your learning journey

- Get statistics on important metrics like average time spent per question, accuracy, level of mastery, etc.

- Gain insights into comparative performance, nationally, through peer ranking and analysis.

- Adopt an informed learning journey for the future through recommendations and changes in the personalized learning path.

From KG to grade 12, the application covers the entire K12 spectrum. It is favoured among educational apps, because it is the one place to find the solutions for all subjects like Science, Maths, Social Science, English, English Core, English Elective, Hindi, Sanskrit, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Accountancy, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science (C++ and Python), Informatics Practices, Multimedia Web and Technology and much more. Its practice and study material is aligned to NCERT books and covers all topics along with NCERT Solutions.

Extramarks is recommended across the country by expert academicians like the Principal of MES Pattambi School, Kerala, Asha Byju.

Choose your board, class and subject and start learning in the fun way with Best Learning App available!

Complete K-12 Coverage | Study All Subjects

Be it Sanskrit, Psychology, Mathematics or Science - The Learning App provides learning modules for all major boards and all classes. Textbook concepts are explained in great detail using game-based and thematic pedagogy at lower grades, and hierarchical and layered approach for the senior levels.

Quiz and Fun!

With Extramarks, you get to have fun while learning. With our innovative ‘Challenge Friends’ feature, you can challenge single and multiple peers to a round of quizzing on any subject, real time. Through this gamified learning experience, you can assess how well prepared you are on each subject and topic.

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