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Karnataka Travel Guidelines Today : Karnataka Entry Rules, Curfew E-Pass or KSP CLEAR Pass

Published on Jun 12, 2021

Karnataka Travel Guidelines Today : Karnataka Entry Rules, Curfew E-Pass or KSP CLEAR Pass


Karnataka Travel Guidelines Today : It is COMPULSORY for passengers arriving from Kerala, Punjab, Chandigarh, & Maharashtra to carry a COVID negative report from an ICMR approved lab not earlier than 72 hours of arrival into the state of Karnataka.

This is a requirement by the Govt. of Karnataka. However, children below two years are exempted from this rule.

Karnataka Travel Guidelines Today : Live Updates

While the previous regulations such as screening and registration on Seva Sindhu portal have been discontinued, travellers entering Karnataka from other Indian states are still advised to follow social distancing rules and to monitor their own health.

There is no mandatory quarantine for domestic passengers.

If you are asymptomatic on arrival, you may report to work immediately and resume daily activities. You do not need to quarantine yourself on arrival. However, you should monitor your health and watch out for known symptoms of COVID-19 like cough, cold, fever, breathing difficulty, etc. If symptoms become apparent, you are encouraged to consult a doctor immediately.

If you find yourself symptomatic on arrival, you should self-isolate and seek medical aid immediately or call the Apthamitra helpline @ 14410. When in public areas and workplaces, you must observe COVID-19 precautions such as:

• Maintaining physical distancing of at least 6 feet or 2 meters

• Wearing face masks continuously

• Wash hands frequently with soap and water and use hand sanitizer

• Cover mouth when coughing.

In addition to the above mentioned guidelines and protocols, travellers from United Kingdom, Europe or the Middle East must take note of these additional instructions:
• While filling the self-declaration form, apart from providing all other information required in the SDF, passengers need to select:

• Whether they plan to disembark at the arrival airport or take further flights to reach their final destination in India.

• Based on this selection, the receipt of SDF (dispatched online to the transiting travellers) will display “T” (Transit) in easily readable and bigger font than other text.

• The passengers will need to display this receipt to State authority / Government officials at the airport for segregation.

Latest COVID-19 testing guidelines

The state government has laid out guidelines for testing categorized by their risk factor: primary/high risk and secondary/low risk.

A primary/high-risk contact is someone who:

  • lives in the same house as COVID-19 positive person
  • is in close proximity of a COVID-19 positive person without appropriate PPE
  • has touched COVID-19 positive person
  • had direct contact with COVID-19 positive person
  • has touched body fluids of a positive patient without appropriate PPE
  • is a passenger in close proximity of a conveyance with a symptomatic person who tested positive

How to Apply for KSP CLEAR Pass?

To apply for the Emergency pass of the Karnataka, you have to follow below given process:

• All the eligible people must visit the official web portal of the KSP clear pass,

• The homepage of the site will open on your screen, from which you have to click on the application form of the E-pass,

• Once you click on the option, another tap will open on your screen in which you have to fill the application form,

• Now enter the mobile number and in which OTP will come,

• Once the OTP will be generated, enter it on the required place, and proceed further,

• After filling the entire form, click on the submit option

• Now your registration has been completed, the pass will be issued to you if you fill in the correct information.

Who Does not Need to apply for E-pass?

Here the list of the people who does not need to apply for the emergency pass:

Category of the People
Guidelines for them
i) All those people who are working in the government office They are allowed to travel but they have to keep their ID card with them
ii) People who are working in a medical professional, or a security guard they can also travel, but they need to wear their Uniform
iii) those who are working as Media personal whether it is print & electronic media Those people must carry their accreditation card or ID card, which was issued by the company.
iv) Government vehicles are also allowed which have G-registration no.
v) All Bank employees are allowed to travel Employees have permission to travel, all they need is their official ID card.

How to check the KSP E-pass Status?

You can check the Status by following the below steps:

• visiting the official site of the KSP pass official web portal,

• On the home page click on the Track Your KSP CLEAR Pass,

• Now enter the Application number on the desired option, and enter a mobile number

• After entering the details, click on the search option,

• The updated status of the E-pass application form will have appeared on your screen

Contact list: KSP Pass Clear

If you have any questions and queries related to the Karnataka Police Lockdown e-pass, you can call on the below given Nos. they will solve your problems :

  • 080-22942200
  • 080-22942325
  • 080-22942330

Helpline Numbers

For any help contact to

  • 1090 (toll-free Number)
  • 080-22943226,
  • 9243737220,
  • 9243737230

Karnataka Entry Rules : FAQs

Is there any self-Registration required before entering to Karnataka?

Yes, there is a mandatory self-Registration on Seva Sindhu Portal. Link provided for reference :

What are the mandatory information to be provided in Seva Sindhu

It is mandatory to provide Name, Address and Mobile number , However use of same mobile number for multiple registrations are not allowed except in the case of a family.

Should I have to self-Register only or is approval of my registration required?

No approval required, only self-registration is sufficient.

If I am a Business traveler, what is the information, I should provide?

In case of Business traveler, you should give Name, mobile number and address of the persons in Karnataka you intend.

I am a Transit traveler, what is the information, I should provide?

In case of Transit traveler, you should give Name, mobile number and address in a destination state and indicate exit check post from Karnataka.

Is there any Health screening of the persons at the entry point ?

Yes, there will be health screening of all the incoming persons at the Border CheckPosts, Airports , Railway Stations and Bus stands.

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