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Karnataka Epass Apply : Karnataka Curfew E-Pass or KSP CLEAR Pass

Published on Jun 12, 2021

Karnataka Epass Apply : Karnataka Curfew E-Pass or KSP CLEAR Pass


Karnataka Epass Apply : KSP Clear Pass is mainly an e-pass that is being provided by the Karnataka Government for those individuals who need to move out for essential activities during the lockdown in the state. 

While earlier, offline passes were being provided to the individuals, it was soon alerted on 28th March 2020 that the individuals need to collect KSP Clear passes online through the site of MyGate.


Karnataka Epass Apply : Live Updates

Who can Apply for KSP Clear Pass?

Not everyone can apply for the KSP Clear Pass. There are several conditions under which these categories can apply for KSP Clear Pass.


Organizations and companies have to apply for KSP Clear Pass for their workers in case of essential services.

Vehicle Owners:

Similarly, only vehicles that are engaged in offering essential services to the public can only apply for KSP Clear Pass.


Individuals who have to travel to some other state for an emergency purpose may also apply for the KSP Clear Pass. But whether they will be allowed to cross the borders or not will depend upon the weightage of their reason and the authorities of the other state. Also, individuals who have a family member admitted to the hospital can also apply for the pass.

KSP Clear Pass

How to Apply for KSP CLEAR Pass?

To apply for the Emergency pass of the Karnataka, you have to follow below given process:

• All the eligible people must visit the official web portal of the KSP clear pass,

• The homepage of the site will open on your screen, from which you have to click on the application form of the E-pass,

• Once you click on the option, another tap will open on your screen in which you have to fill the application form,

• Now enter the mobile number and in which OTP will come,

• Once the OTP will be generated, enter it on the required place, and proceed further,

• After filling the entire form, click on the submit option

• Now your registration has been completed, the pass will be issued to you if you fill in the correct information.

Who Does not Need to apply for E-pass?

Here the list of the people who does not need to apply for the emergency pass:

Category of the People
Guidelines for them
i) All those people who are working in the government office They are allowed to travel but they have to keep their ID card with them
ii) People who are working in a medical professional, or a security guard they can also travel, but they need to wear their Uniform
iii) those who are working as Media personal whether it is print & electronic media Those people must carry their accreditation card or ID card, which was issued by the company.
iv) Government vehicles are also allowed which have G-registration no.
v) All Bank employees are allowed to travel Employees have permission to travel, all they need is their official ID card.

How to check the KSP E-pass Status?

You can check the Status by following the below steps:

• visiting the official site of the KSP pass official web portal,

• On the home page click on the Track Your KSP CLEAR Pass,

• Now enter the Application number on the desired option, and enter a mobile number

• After entering the details, click on the search option,

• The updated status of the E-pass application form will have appeared on your screen

Contact list: KSP Pass Clear

If you have any questions and queries related to the Karnataka Police Lockdown e-pass, you can call on the below given Nos. they will solve your problems :

  • 080-22942200
  • 080-22942325
  • 080-22942330

Helpline Numbers

For any help contact to

  • 1090 (toll-free Number)
  • 080-22943226,
  • 9243737220,
  • 9243737230

KSP Pass Clear: FAQs

For how many days KSP Clear pass will be valid?

The validity of the pass depend on the issuing authority as per the official notification.

Is it necessary to carry hard copy of the Karnataka E-pass?

It is not mandatory, to take a hard copy of the E-pass, you can show them pass on your mobile.

How I can apply for the e-pass for vehicle?

The government is not allowing e-pass for the personal vehicle. Only, essential services people can apply for the e-pass.

Is it necessary to apply for E-pass for the kirana or dinasi shop?

No, they do not need to require a pass to open their shop, because this services come under the essential services.

Is it necessary to apply for the pass for morning walk?

All the unnecessary movement is restricted because of covid-19, so it is advisable to all they can stay their home and stay safe.

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