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Published on Jun 12, 2021 : Sandes Portal : Government Instant Messaging System : Government Instant Messaging System (GIMS) is a messaging platform for Instant Communication for both Government and Public users. GIMS platform provides a Mobile App for Instant Messaging and a Portal for Administration and Dashboard services.

GIMS can be customized to manage the various types of messaging and other forms of communications in different Government Organizations. GIMS can be adapted by both Central and State Government Organizations for intra and inter organization communication. GIMS Mobile App can be downloaded from the Download Centre of GIMS Portal ( The Portal provides facilities for the onboarding of various Government Organizations, Organization Units and Employees. : Live Updates

GIMS platform consists of 2 components-

a) GIMS mobile App for iOS and Android platform and

b) GIMS admin portal for administration and monitoring of the platform.

For Android users, go to the and click on Download button under Android tab.

For iOS users, search GIMS Instant in App Store and then download and install from the link provided in App Store

Download APK

Download from Apple Store

How can I register myself on the App?

Step 1: Download the GIMS App from Play store/Appstore and login using any of the two modes

a) your mobile number, by tapping on

b) your Email Id, by tapping on

Step 2: For registration by mobile: Select country code from drop down list and provide your valid mobile number For registration by email: Provide your email id.

Step 3: Furnish the received OTP on your mobile number/email id

Step 4: Provide basic details such as Name and Gender.

Step 5: Provide the necessary permissions.

Step 6: Sync your contacts when prompted.

You are now ready to use the GIMS App


• Open on the mobile browser.

• Application launcher splash screen will be displayed when user opens the application

• User has to login using Email/Mobile credentials and the OTP generated.

• Tap on Get OTP located on the top right corner of the window to receive the One Time Password (OTP)

• If user has used the App before and already has a backup, then user can restore using the backup file

• User can Tap on Skip if user doesn’t want to take backup or is freshly registered

• After login, user needs to allow phone permissions for GIMS to access functionalities such as taking picture and recording the video, recording the audio, accessing the contacts, making and managing phone calls, accessing photos, media and files on user’s device

• User can add the phone book contacts in GIMS by tapping Sync Now

Home Dashboard

• After login, user will be navigated to the main screen. Tap on Chats to view recent chats of the user Tap on Groups to view group list of the user Tap on Contacts to view GIMS contact list of the user

• The Chats tab displays user’s recent chat conversations.

• Start an individual conversation by tapping on a chat thread.

• All the chats are Endto-End Encrypted.

• Type a message and tap to send it

• The Groups tab will display user’s groups and list groups. Start group conversations by tapping on a group.

• The Contacts tab will display Contacts of the user who are registered on GIMS. Search for a contact by name using the search option provided.

• By soft pressing on a contact name or profile image in the chat window, user will be able to see the user profile. Profile shows the user’s primary information along with user’s online status or last presence.

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