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Cowin App Registration : CoWIN App for Covid-19 Vaccine Registration

Published on Jun 12, 2021

Cowin App Registration : CoWIN App for Covid-19 Vaccine Registration


Cowin App Registration : The Centre on Sunday said Co-WIN, an online platform for monitoring COVID-19 vaccine delivery, shall form the foundation for the anti-coronavirus inoculation drive which shall be citizen-centric so that the vaccine is available anytime and anywhere.

Download Co-Win Mobile App for All Types of Certificates

India will launch its COVID-19 vaccination drive from January 16 in what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called the world's largest inoculation programme with priority to be given to nearly three crore healthcare and frontline workers.

Cowin App Registration : Live Updates

First of all, the CoWin app is not functional yet and if you have downloaded any app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, it is not going to work. You should refrain from downloading such apps or provide them access to your personal data.


How to Register or Download the Vaccine Certificate

• The Cowin app has five modules: Administrator Module, Registration Module, Vaccination Module, Beneficiary Acknowledgement Module, and Report Module.

• People who are not frontline or healthcare workers can register for getting the vaccine through the ‘Registration Module.’

• For registration, the applicants should provide their photo identity. The Covin App administrators will track the information provided by citizens using the ‘Administrator Module.’

• After the registration, administrators will be responsible for creating vaccination sessions. Then the respective vaccinators and managers will receive relevant notifications and alerts.

• The ‘Vaccination Module’ on the app will verify the beneficiary’s details and update their vaccination status.

• The ‘Beneficiary acknowledgment module’ will then send an SMS to beneficiaries and generate QR-based certificates.

• The ‘Report Module’ will prepare reports of the number of vaccination sessions conducted, the number of people who attended the sessions, the number of people who dropped out, and other related information.

How to Download the Vaccine Certificate

1. First Open the Site

Vaccine Certificate

2. Enter your Mobile Number and click Get OTP.

3. You will receive a 6 digit OTP to your Mobile Number.

4. After entering the OTP you will go to next page where there will be your Certificate.

Vaccine Certificate

5. Click the Certificate to Download it.

6. Now keep it for your future uses.

How it Works

1. Register to get vaccine

Register using your Mobile no. or Aadhaar no. or any other Identity docs.

2.Get Vaccinated

Visit the Vaccination centre on scheduled date and time and get Vaccination done

3. Get Certificate

Upon each vaccination event get vaccination certificate

Since Co-WIN has now been integrated with Aarogya Setu, it will mean that irrespective of the healthcare provider they use to get the Covid-19 jab, they will be saved from wading through the maze of various apps and interfaces.

According to senior officials, for the government this will mean that the Co-WIN platform that it set up can continue to be used to track beneficiary and vaccine information and ensure there is no duplication and therefore no leakages or misuse. It will also streamline the crucial process of issuing vaccination certificates that could come in handy for travel, seeking employment or returning to offices.

Procedure to Download Co-Win Mobile App & Download Link

Let us see the online procedure to download the Co-Win Mobile App.

• The user should first visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

• After downloading the application, the applicants should upload their photo identity documents for the self-registration process.

• Upload government photo identity or do an Aadhaar authentication.

• The authentication can happen in various ways, such as biometrics, OTP, or demographics.

• After getting registered, the applicant will get the date and time for vaccination.

• The system then sends a reminder SMS to reach the allotted date and time for vaccination.

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