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ecrm https // : Axis Bank Unified Banking CRM Platform

Published on Mar 08, 2021

ecrm https // : Axis Bank Unified Banking CRM Platform


ecrm https // : Axis Bank Driving sales efficiency with a unified Banking CRM Platform. " We found a partner in CRMNEXT that was agile and could understand the business and technology." - Sanjay Silas, President & Head Branch Banking

CRMNEXT continues where traditional CRMs leave off. It eliminates the artificial barriers between human and digital channels, enabling world-class, omni-channel customer interactions from a single, unified platform.

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With more than a million financial service associates and a billion customers supported by the platform globally, CRMNEXT effectively recalibrates banks’ potential to grow engagement, drive profitability and deliver innovation.

It has to its credit the largest Banking CRM implementation in the world with 3,25,000+ users across 5,000+ locations and 36 countries. With proficiency in creating customer journeys from digital onboarding through all aspects of assisted services, we are focused on the delivery of high-quality CRM implementations.

Enjoy Maximum Agility

The biggest issue enterprises grapple with is many siloed legacy systems which require IT resources and budget to change every time the market demands change. CRMNEXT adapts to the way you work. Using its codeless, visual interface and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can bring to life your end-to-end customer and employee journeys.

Autoflow Designer

• Collect and update data on multiple screens with ease

Screenflow Designer

• Create journeys and flows based on individual business needs without any software implementation

Customer challenges

• Providing a comprehensive and actionable 360 view to relationship managers

• Manual tracking of data and preparation of MIS reports with lag in data resulting in only a post mortem rather than timely decision making

• Manual and tedious tracking of action plans using spreadsheets using data from disparate systems

• No common system to manage opportunity pipeline across business lines & geographies

Solutions Provided

• Relationship Management

o Providing a comprehensive and actionable 360 view to relationship managers by integrating with 3rd party and back office systems

o With Banking CRM, RMs get access to rich, detailed profile and history that lays the foundation for a more meaningful, long-term business relationship

• Calendar Management

o Driving efficiency with an intuitive, mobile calendar which gives a quick snapshot of tasks, appointments, meetings, corporate customer news etc. on the go

• Opportunity Management

o Replaced excel sheets and trail mails with a convenient online system to manage opportunity pipeline & activities

• Account Planning

o Tracking budgets,annual plans and wallet share for corporate customers with CRM for Bank

o Planning and managing execution of strategies to maximize opportunity conversion by ready information availability and collaboration on a single system

• Performance Management

o Catalyst Performance ModelerTM enabled smart planning and review of RM activities from a single screen. This could roll-up on basis of hierarchies & teams

o Real time visibility of targets, action plans and achievements for improving collaboration and performance


• 250% increase in opportunity conversion

• 40% reduction in rework during sales process

• 68% improvement in sales turn around time

• 60% increase in average wallets share

Customer 360

• At a glance, get immediate access to deep customer intel, current targeted offers, and behavioral insights. Beyond the typical customer profile, get visibility into their contacts, relationships, product holdings, wallet share, applications, service requests, documents, interactions, history and more.

Opportunities / Pipeline Management

• Manage deals and move customers through the sales pipeline faster with automation, target and goal tracking & customizable reporting.


• Design and create quotations using standard and easy-to-use templates.

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