PUBG : A brand-new developer deep dive into PUBG

PUBG : A brand-new developer deep dive into PUBG

A new look at PUBG: New State has revealed new places of interest (POIs) within the playable Troi area of the mobile battle royale spinoff. The mobile battle royale game, which was announced in February 2021, will be a new twist on the battle royale gameplay of Player Unknown Battlegrounds.


PUBG: New State is set in 2051, and the game’s enormous and futuristic Troi map has already been revealed ahead of its release.

PUBG New State

PUBG: New State was first revealed in February, with a release date set for late 2021, but the mobile game’s development is still ongoing. The game’s developer, PUBG Corporation, and its parent company, Krafton, recently announced a restricted alpha test to refine the game.

On June 6, players were allowed to sign up for the alpha, which will run from June 11 to June 13. Participants in the PUBG: New State closed alpha will be requested to give feedback and questionnaires on their experience with the game in its new state as part of the game’s testing.

A new PUBG: New State promotional film takes a closer look at the Troi map and its numerous POIs. During the entire video. PUBG Corp. Publishing Director Brian Corrigan points out a few key sites scattered around the vast arena. The Exhibit Hall and Mall POIs are large open-air constructions with plenty of cover for battle, whereas the Laboratory has tight corridors that push players into close-quarters combat.

Corrigan also revealed new mechanisms, such as a high-speed railway that transports players between POIs. The 8×8 Troi map was reportedly created with the developer’s latest lighting and rendering capabilities, resulting in a more aesthetically impressive environment than that present in PUBG Mobile.

While mobile gamers will undoubtedly be anticipating PUBG: New State, the original battle royale that began it all will still be supported in 2021. The new PUBG 12.1 update includes a slew of substantial changes, with the desert area Miramar receiving special attention. Improved lighting and textures were added to the level, as well as elements from other maps including jammer packs and parachutes.

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The Lynx AMR is a new weapon in PUBG’s 12.1 update, as well as improved bot behaviour in numerous levels. In addition, the game’s developer recently announced that two new PUBG maps will be released before the end of the year. One map, dubbed Tiger, will be set in Korea, while the other will be more exploration-oriented.

PUBG is a hugely important series, having helped to popularise the now-ubiquitous battle royale shooter genre. PUBG Corporation’s PUBG New State aims to carry the game into the near future while also leveraging the most cutting-edge technologies available today. Its Troi map will not only bring better graphics and textures to mobile platforms, but it will also attempt to reinvent the franchise formula with new gaming mechanics and more ambitious POIs.

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