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pcfinancial.ca Activate :

President’s Choice Financial is committed to providing its customers with unrivalled value in all of their financial transactions. This financial organisation offers a variety of excellent banking products and services to customers across Canada, including no-fee banking and the President’s Choice Financial MasterCard.

By phone, you can activate your President’s Choice Card.


If you have a PC, we recommend that you activate your card through your online banking account. Please call PC customer service at 1-866-246-7262 if you have any difficulty activating, creating an account, or logging in.

For further assistance, please call the phone number shown on the back of your new credit card. If you are still having difficulties or cannot reach customer service, we recommend calling the number printed on the back of your new credit card. Calling from the phone number that is associated with your account will aid in the verification of your identification.

Activate Your PC Credit Card Through the Internet

With the incorporation of the activation process into their online banking system, PC Financial makes the process simple. It is possible to complete the activation process online once you have logged into your account. Because you will be required to enter the card number in order to complete the activation process, you must have your new MasterCard in hand. If you do not already have an online banking account with PC Financial, you will need to enrol in online banking with them first.

PC Credit Card

The Most Straightforward Approach

The quickest and most convenient method of activating your new card is through your PC Financial online banking profile. In the event that you do not currently have an account, you can establish one before continuing. To get started, simply click on the link provided below.

After clicking on the PC Financial Credit Card Activation Link, you will be taken to the login screen for your bank account. You will be able to activate your new MasterCard through your online account management site after it has been issued.

Customer Service for President’s Choice Financial can be reached at 1-866-246-7262.

Don’t forget to sign your new ID card before you use it for anything.

What You Should Know About President’s Choice Credit Cards

Customers of PC Financial can choose from a number of various MasterCard choices to suit their needs. Whether it’s the simplest PC MasterCard or the most luxurious President’s Choice World Elite card, it gives you access to important rewards and benefits.

Depending on the card that you choose, you can earn up to 30 PC Points for every $1 spent on the card; these points can then be redeemed for special purchases or free groceries at participating stores when used in conjunction with the card.


  1. this is one of the worst websites i have visited.
    too much junk
    how on earth are we supposed to sort it all out.?
    I guess my card will not get activated.
    excessive waits on phone + messy website = no service

  2. What a bunch of gobly gook! all I want to do is activate my replacement card1 can’t get through on the phone on line all you have is advertisement, no where does it ask for the activate code!!

  3. I have been trying to activate my card since October on the phone, which is impossible, and now on this website which is apparently impossible also! What a croc of BS!I don’t need this card that bad! I think i’m just gonna take the scissors to it!

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