In this page you can find Software Projects Using Matlab and Software Engineering SE projects with Source Code Free Download for Final Year Software Engineering or CSE, IT Students. Also Explore SE Thesis Papers and Android Mobile Based Projects with Abstract, Synopsis in PDF PPT and DOC Format for the year 2013.

Software Projects Using Matlab


Effective Scheduling In Infrastructure-Based Cognitive Radio Networks
In this paper, we investigate a joint scheduling and power control for an infrastructure-based cognitive radio network (CRN) in coexistence with a cellular primary radio network (PRN). The PRN uses a set of licensed nonoverlapping orthogonal frequency channels for transmission. This set of channels is also accessed in an opportunistic manner by a set of cognitive radio base stations (CR-BSs) to support secondary users.....>>>>Read More


Efficient Location Training Protocols For Heterogeneous Sensor And Actor Networks
Our theoretical analysis, confirmed by experimental evaluation, shows that the proposed protocol outper forms the best previously known location training protocols in terms of the number of sleep/awake transitions, overall sensor awake time, and energy consumption. The main contribution of this work is to propose an energy-efficient location training protocol for heterogeneous actor centric sensor networks where the sensors acquire coarse-grain location awareness with respect to the actor in their vicinity......>>>>Read More


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