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IT Computer Science Software Project


Image Compression is a process that involves transform a image from one form to another form. compression is used to minimize the size of image. Medical images are stored to study the case history of the patient. They take large disk space for the management to store. By the method of "Medical image compression" we reduce the disc space used by medical images ,.....>>>>Read More


Millennium Planning

Effective planning and scheduling of time bound work and monitoring the work done by the employee's and effective use of online system to communicate and collaborate with the members of other centers of a decentralized organization. System with adaptability to any organization to monitor the work done by people with respect to time and also assigning work......>>>>Read More


The existing system is also computerized one. But it is standalone computer system application. So in every branch we have to install the software and maintain a database individually for tracking the bugs occurred in that branch. At final it is very difficult to keep track of all bugs occurred around all the branches. Totally is very time taking and risky process to collect all the bugs from every branch and controlling them and taking the decisions on.....>>>>Read More



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