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Software Projects Topics in VB.Net


The goal of topic-oriented text summarization is to produce informative short description according to the given topic or query. This is somewhat similar to the target of question answering which retrieves exact answers from large text collections. In this paper, we present a lightweight and rule-free summarization technique. Our method relies on a two-pass re-ranking framework. The first pass is to order the concepts which were clustered via conventional top-down clustering algorithm......>>>>Read More


Load Shedding In Mobile Systems Using Mobiqual

In location-based mobile continual query (CQ) systems, the two key measures of quality-ofservice (QoS) are freshness and accuracy. To achieve freshness the CQ server must perform frequent query reevaluations. To attain accuracy the CQ server must receive and process frequent position updates from the mobile nodes. However, it is often difficult to obtain fresh and accurate CQ results simultaneously due to limited resources in computing and communication and fast-changing load conditions caused by continuous mobile node movement. Hence, a key challenge for a mobile CQ system is to achieve the highest possible quality of the CQ results in both freshness and accuracy with currently available resources. In this paper we formulate this problem as a load shedding one and develop MobiQual-a QoS-aware approach to ..............>>>>> Read More


This is a report on our implementation of MACA (Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance), which is a MAC layer media access protocol. We have tailored our implementation to a variant of this method found in IEEE 802.11 as DFWMAC (Distributed Foundation Wireless MAC). This report gives an overview of the MACA protocol and its variant DFWMAC, the details of our implementation and the analysis of result using key indicators......>>>>Read More



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