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Android Projects Source Code


In wireless networks, efficient management of mobility is a crucial issue to support mobile users. The Mobile Internet Protocol (MIP) has been proposed to support global mobility in IP networks. Several mobility management strategies have been proposed which aim reducing the signaling traffic related to the Mobile Terminals (MTs) registration with the Home Agents (HAs) whenever their Care-of-Addresses (CoAs) change.....>>>>Read More


Mobile Advertisement System

The Mobile advertiser is the best way to develop business or services quickly and easily. While other advertising mediums such as television, radio, and the Internet present performance challenges , mobile advertising presents performance opportunities .Mobile users view their mobile content in downtime while at home, traveling, in a meeting, or waiting for an appointment. ......>>>>Read More


This application is designed to provide the user Access a PC from his mobile device. This project is to enable the mobile users to control his PC information at their finger tips. The application must consider the limitations of mobile devices. This project involves flow of data on the Wireless Application Protocol. The application must work properly without problems on all targeted devices, power supply and network support......>>>>Read More


A channel access management framework is developed for cluster-based communication among vehicular nodes. This framework has three components: opportunistic access to shared-use channels, reservation of exclusive-use channel, and cluster size control......>>>>Read More


Optimal Jamming Attacks and Network Defense Policies in Wireless Sensor Network
We consider a scenario where a sophisticated jammer jams an area in a single-channel wireless sensor network. The jammer controls the probability of jamming and transmission range to cause maximal damage to the network in terms of corrupted communication links. .....>>>>Read More


Our group project of Orkut is a mini project, so we haven't included all the features that are present in the real Orkut, which most of the people use these days on the internet. We have included only basic features that help the users to communicate with each other (for chatting purpose). When user will run our project ORKUT ,then the first frame he will encounter is the 'orkut' homepage .....>>>>Read More



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