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Android Projects


i broker can help a trader to resolve all these challenges which are described above. i broker not only giving real time information, but also giving him intelligent alerts for selling and buying according to the information you are entering in the i broker application. i broker act like a personal broker in your pocket which giving you information and alerts. Trader need not to watch the NSE web site every time for the share information updates......>>>>Read More


“MOBILE TRACKING” is based on J2ME and PHP. In today’s fast world, mobile has become one of the important commodities of a human being. It has become a necessity rather than a luxurious commodity. The Mobile Tracking helps to track the current location of the mobile. It is a web application. This application tracks the mobile location in every 5 seconds in connection with the central tower. The Mobile Tracking application will be deployed in Symbian supporting mobile phones. This system sends the following information to the server.....>>>>Read More


Mobile objects can be used to gather samples from a sensor field. Civilian vehicles or even human beings equipped with proper wireless communication devices can be used as mobile sinks that retrieve sensor-data from sampling points within a large sensor field. A key challenge is how to gather the sensor data in a manner that is energy efficient with respect to the sensor nodes that serve as sources of the sensor data......>>>>Read More


With number of people using mobile phones is on the increase, it has become a need to provide the users with all the utilities available on the Internet on to their mobiles. One of such facility is maintaining a video gallery. People have been using it through use of Internet and a Web Portal (such as www.Youtube.com). Users of such web portal are restricted to use it through the desktops or Laptops with an Internet facility......>>>>Read More


Due to the unattended nature of wireless sensor networks, an adversary can capture and compromise sensor nodes, make replicas of them, and then mount a variety of attacks with these replicas. These replica node attacks are dangerous because they allow the attacker to leverage the compromise of a few nodes to exert control over much of the network. .....>>>>Read More


Flaw Tracking System

This project is aimed at developing an online flaw tracking system useful for applications developed in an organization. The Flaw Tracking System (FTS) is a web based application that can be accessed throughout the organization. This system can be used for logging flaws against an application/module, assigning flaws to individuals and tracking the flaws to resolution. There are features like email notifications, user maintenance, user access control, report generators etc in this system.......>>>>Read More


The goal of topic-oriented text summarization is to produce informative short description according to the given topic or query. This is somewhat similar to the target of question answering which retrieves exact answers from large text collections. In this paper, we present a lightweight and rule-free summarization technique. Our method relies on a two-pass re-ranking framework. The first pass is to order the concepts which were clustered via conventional top-down clustering algorithm......>>>>Read More


This is a report on our implementation of MACA (Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance), which is a MAC layer media access protocol. We have tailored our implementation to a variant of this method found in IEEE 802.11 as DFWMAC (Distributed Foundation Wireless MAC). This report gives an overview of the MACA protocol and its variant DFWMAC, the details of our implementation and the analysis of result using key indicators......>>>>Read More


Marine Operations And Management System is a web application that maintains all the information about marines operations. In order to streamline activities and information flow, computerization on special tasks is most suited option. This shall minimize the paper movements and increase the efficiency, labor as well as time-consuming reports can be generated as when needed. Updating the progress of projects and status of different activities and jobs can be checked easily and regularly. .....>>>>Read More



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