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In current system, in order to get the TV schedule, user need to check newspaper or see actual schedule on TV. The proposed system will help user to get the TV schedules right on the mobile device making him to check schedule from anywhere. To make sure you don't miss that important cricket match or exciting movie, you can add a reminder about the show into the calendar with just single click .....>>>>Read More


This specification proposes of Mobile Invoice. The prevalent of system of handling Mobile Billing content is proprietary and non interoperable and hence Mobile Invoice solution is cumbersome in real time environment, which is full of devices of multimedia manufactures .The scenario being as such, an Mobile Invoice Application provides a perfect solution. This Application handles the .....>>>>Read More


The application "Mobile Location Alarm" solves all these problems. It offers below services.Allow user to enter new alarm for a particular location . Retrieves the user's current geological coordinates......>>>>Read More


ERP is a powerful human resource tool for maintaining employee and company information. More than a data storage program, ERP helps you manage your employees. ERP offers a wide variety of reports that give you exactly the information you need. View payroll information by department, or find everyone who is receiving company .....>>>>Read More


Examination Branch System

The project "Examination Branch System " is developed to reduce the overhead involved in the process of maintains the data and the transaction in the Examination branch . Examination branch is an intranet application for an organization. It is software which is used to perform all the examination activities like adding employees, search employees, delete employees and assign examination duties etc. ......>>>>Read More


Exam Experts

The system would be providing a number of services, automating the processes that are being done manually. The services include communication services such as mailing facility, chat service, electronic file transfer etc and office automation packages such as leave letter processing, admission management, teaching evaluation, counseling automation etc. The aim of the project is to design a comprehensive web enabled application for management of the Examination Process. ......>>>>Read More



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