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Multihoming is increasingly being employed by large enterprises and data centers to extract good performance and reliability from their ISP connections. Multihomed end networks today can employ a variety of route control products to optimize their Internet access performance and reliability. However, little is known about the tangible benefits that such products can offer the mechanisms they employ and their trade-offs. .....>>>>Read More


Mailing Portal

The project Entitle "Mailing Portal" deals with identifying the clients to send and receive mail with the same login. This utility will allow multiple clients to login under the same login name and still have personalized mail information, enabling them to send and receive mails. Each user willing to avail the services offered by the mail server application should exist as a user before he can send or receive mails.......>>>>Read More


J2ME Mobi-Thesaurus is an application designed to provide dictionary services for handheld devices like mobile phones, PDA's etc. The application has also considered the limitations of the GSM network connections. It has been designed in such a way that it can work without problems on all target devices irrespective of differences in their sizes, display capabilities, power .....>>>>Read More



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