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Projects on Mobile Software Technology


Reservation-based (as opposed to contention-based) channel access in WLANs provides predictable and deterministic transmission and is therefore able to provide timeliness guarantees for wireless and embedded real-time applications Also, reservation-based channel access is energy-efficient since a wireless adaptor is powered on only during its exclusive channel access times. .....>>>>Read More


Mitigation of Control Channel Jamming

Availability of service in many wireless networks depends on the ability for network users to establish and maintain communication channels using control messages from base stations and other users. An adversary with knowledge of the underlying communication protocol can mount an efficient denial of service attack by jamming the communication channels used to exchange control messages.......>>>>Read More


J2ME Mobi-Thesaurus is an application designed to provide dictionary services for handheld devices like mobile phones, PDA's etc. The application has also considered the limitations of the GSM network connections. It has been designed in such a way that it can work without problems on all target devices irrespective of differences in their sizes, display capabilities, power .....>>>>Read More



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