In this page you can find Software Engineering Project Titles and Software Engineering SE projects with Source Code Free Download for Final Year Software Engineering or CSE, IT Students. Also Explore SE Thesis Papers and Android Mobile Based Projects with Abstract, Synopsis in PDF PPT and DOC Format for the year 2013.

Software Engineering Project Titles


Mailing Portal

The project Entitle "Mailing Portal" deals with identifying the clients to send and receive mail with the same login. This utility will allow multiple clients to login under the same login name and still have personalized mail information, enabling them to send and receive mails. Each user willing to avail the services offered by the mail server application should exist as a user before he can send or receive mails.......>>>>Read More


Mail Client

This project is about developing a web based mail client connecting to windows Server running a Mail Server. This Project has the following main functionality.The software is fully integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as well as CMS (Content Management System) solution and developed in a manner that is easily manageable, time saving and relieving one from manual works.......>>>>Read More


Marine Operations And Management System is a web application that maintains all the information about marines operations. In order to streamline activities and information flow, computerization on special tasks is most suited option. This shall minimize the paper movements and increase the efficiency, labor as well as time-consuming reports can be generated as when needed. Updating the progress of projects and status of different activities and jobs can be checked easily and regularly. .....>>>>Read More



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