In this page, you can find Electronics Mini Project| Mini Projects In Electronics and Electronics Projects in Embedded Systems based on IEEE for Final Year or Semester Electronics and Telecommunication ECE and Electrical Engineering EEE Students for the year 2013 in PDF DOC and PPT Format.

Electronics Mini Project| Mini Projects In Electronics


Micro Controller based Burner Automation

Here first we have to check the LPG preassure and airflow in the combustion tube, to flame the burner. If both are OK, the system is set 'silent' for one minute. If both the LPG preassures and airflow is not OK, the process will be halted. To flame and continous working of burner, we have to use two LPG's, Pilot LPG and main LPG. The Pilot LPG is ON first. If both the ...........>>>>>Read More


Integrated Photonic Microwave Band Pass Filter

An integrated photonic microwave bandpass filter has been demonstrated incorporating a coherently coupled microring resonator in low-loss polymers. The resonator was designed to have an extremely small bandwidth so that it could be used to selectively pass the optical signal carrying the microwave signal to attain efficient bandpass filtering. The demonstrated device may feature compact size, simple structure, ...........>>>>>Read More



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