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Vaikom Temple Virtual Q Queue App : ApnaQ for Online Darshan Booking 2020 2021

Published on Oct 08, 2021

Vaikom Temple Virtual Q Queue App : ApnaQ for Online Darshan Booking 2020 2021


Vaikom Temple Virtual Q Queue App : ApnaQ makes it easy for customers to join the queues of their choice to take advantage of the services of the different facilities around them with ease.

Vaikom Temple Virtual Q Queue App Download : Click Here

apnaQ is your personal queue management system. Make the hectic long-standing queues a thing of the past! Watch your business deal with customer queues swiftly and speedily.

Vaikom Temple Virtual Q Queue App

With this smart cloud-based system to your rescue, you can monitor data related to queues real-time, gather customer feedback and track the data to enhance the performance of your agents and services.

Vaikom Temple Virtual Q

How to Book the Online Darshan through App

1. First Click Here to Download the ApnaQ App.

2. After Installing, open the App and enter your Mobile Number.

3. Then you will receive an OTP to the registered mobile.

4. Enter the OTP and then enter your name and email address.

5. Then Search for Q in the search Column and the Darshan Slots will be displayed.

6. Please select the desired slot and book it.

Vaikom Temple Virtual Q


Efficiency: Watch the overall efficiency of your business climbing heights with apnaQ.

Time-Saving: Unlike the usual long-standing time taking queues, you will have to spend a fraction of the time to finish tasks using this app.

Flexibility: You can join or exit the queues as per your convenience unlike what you used to do earlier.

Easy to Use: The interface is built in a simple style in a way that even children can navigate the queues without guidance

The Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is a temple for the Hindu god Shiva in Vaikom, Kerala. The temple, along with Ettumanoor Siva Temple, Kaduthuruthy Thaliyil Mahadeva Temple is considered a powerful trisome. The belief is that if a devotee worships at these three temples before 'Ucha pooja', all the wishes are fulfilled.

The Vaikom Mahadeva temple is one of the few temples which is held in reverence by both Shaivaites and the Vaishnavaites. Vaikom's Shiva is fondly called Vaikkathappan. The Shiva Linga here is believed to be from the ‘Treta yuga’ and considered as one of the oldest temples in Kerala where pooja has not been broken since inception.

A Sculpture in the Temple

The temple is one of the major Shiva temples in Kerala counted along with the Ettumanoor Mahadevar Temple, Kaduthruthy Mahadeva Temple, Vazhappally Maha Siva Temple, Chengannur Mahadeva Temple, Ernakulam Shiva Temple, Vadakkunathan temple and Thirunakkara Sree Mahadevar Temple

Kharasura on receiving the Shaiva Vidya Upadesh from Malyavan went to Chidambaram, and did severe penance and Tapasya for the attainment of Moksha. Pleased with his penance Lord Siva granted all the boons he asked, and presented him with three great Siva Lingas drawn out of Him. Assuring that He will ever be present in them, Lord Siva disappeared, asking Khara to worship the Lingas to attain Moksha.

When Khara was returning south from Himalayas with the three Lingas, one in his right hand, one in left hand and other by the neck, he felt tired and rested awhile. After rest when he tried to pick up the lingas, they wouldn't budge. He realized that it was Shiva's maya and when called unto, the heavens spoke thus, "I shall remain here giving Moksha to whom so ever * take refuge in Me". Khara having attained Moksha entrusted the holy Lingas to the custody of Maharshi Vyaghrapada who had followed him invisibly and asked the sage to protect and worship them.

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