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Pookkalam Varavayi Serial Latest Episode Full : Latest Episode Zee Keralam Channel

Published on Mar 04, 2023

Pookkalam Varavayi Serial Latest Episode Full : Latest Episode Zee Keralam Channel


Pookkalam Varavayi Serial Latest Episode Full : Pookkalam Varavayi is an 2019 Indian Malayalam language television series which premiered on 1 July 2019 on Zee Keralam channel. It stars Arun G Raghavan and Mridula Vijay in lead roles.

The show is the official remake of Tamil soap opera Poove Poochudava which is being aired on Zee Tamil channel.


Zee Keralam : Pookalam Varavayi Serial Latest Episode # Episode 437

Please click Here for Watching Latest Episode of Pookalam Varavaayi

Samyuktha is upset as Abhi demands a divorce. She hesitantly signs the divorce application form as demanded by Abhi. But later, Samyuktha’s words leave Abhi shattered. Meanwhile, Harshan comforts Saptathi, who is hurt by Madhuri’s behaviour towards her.


Abhimanyu and Samyukta meet in an automobile accident and instantly hate each other, but conspire to help Shiva's brother Sundhar who has fallen in love with Shakthi's sister Meenakshi. Following a series of misunderstandings, Meenakshi's marriage to Gautham is called off and the new match proposed. Meenakshi's parents agree but Sundhar's mom Subatra insists that Shiva marry first as the eldest son. Though a woman hater with no interest in marriage, Shiva says he will marry his employee, Nithya.

Shakthi learns that Subatra has ill intentions and Subatra threatens to have Meenakshi killed if Shakthi doesn't stop the marriage. Shakthi is suspicious when Nithya disappears, but it turns out that Shiva was never serious about the marriage and paid Nithya to pretend. Shiva's relatives suggest that he marry Shakthi and he asks her to refuse his proposal before their families. However, she accepts it and they are soon married, as are Meenakshi and Sundhar.

Both couples move into the family home, though Shiva and Shakthi continue to quarrel. Subatra consults an astrologer and is convinced that there is a threat to Sundhar's life, which is why she tried to interfere with their marriage. Told of this, Meenakshi makes excuses to postpone the consummation of their marriage to save Sundhar, and the couple faces ongoing interference from his relatives. Shakthi later learns that the astrologer is a cheat

Aishwarya moves into the home in a scheme of Subatra's, and she tries to come between Sundhar and Meenakshi. She also helps to frame Shakthi for the theft of family heirlooms, and then for mental illness. Shiva becomes sympathetic and seems to grow closer to Shakthi. However, he gives her divorce papers on his birthday. Shakthi challenges him to give her a year to make him fall in love with her, which he accepts.

Shiva's pregnant sister Tharani moves into the household and becomes an ally to Shakthi. In a complicated plot they put pressure on Subatra, and Meenakshi overhears Subatra and Aishwarya talking about all their schemes. Meenakshi confronts them for their underhanded behaviour.

Shakthi's old college friend Ganga begins working for Shiva's business. They conspire to make Shiva jealous by faking calls to Shakthi from a man named Ranjith. Ganga eventually impersonates Ranjith and visits the home, but Shiva gives Ganga/Ranjith his blessing to marry Shakthi. Ganga instead challenges Shiva to three tasks to test whether he loves Shakthi. Shiva, however, fails in all 3 tests and confesses his love for Shakthi. He then witnesses an attack on Shakthi by a man employed by Subatra and her mother. Shiva files an FIR and the police get the truth out of Shakthi's attacker. However, the police blackmail Subatra for money and she agrees to hand over the money. Her secret is kept safe.

Subatra and her mother hatch many plans to separate Shiva and Shakthi. But Shakthi wins every time and gets very much closer to Shiva. When anu Shakthi's sister learns about shakthi's divorce through her friend Venkat who is also Shakthi Shiva's divorce lawyer and love interest of anu they both plan to make Shiva and Shakthi close. As a part of their plan, they arrange for an outing for the couple but it is postponed by Subatra. In A turn of events, it is also revealed that Sundar and Venkat were college buddies and had once promised that their respective wives should be sisters. Meanwhile, shakthi's family move into Shiva's house as their house has been conquered by their owner's son which is a plan of Subatra to make them stay here and humiliate them which will result in Shakthi leaving the house.

Cast in Pookalam Varavayi Serial

Main Cast

• Arun G Raghavan as Abhimanyu

• Mridula Vijay as Samyuktha Abhimanyu

Recurring cast

• Rekha Ratheesh as Parvathy

• Sindhu Varma as Parameshwari

• Arathi Ajith as Sapthathi

• Prakrithi as Samvrutha

• Reni as Sarayu

• Lakshmi Premod as Avanthika

• Valsala Menon as Karthyayani

• Manu Varma as Yatheendran

• Soniya Baiju Kottarakkara as Sharmila

• Niranjan Sreenath as Harshan

• Prabha Shankar

• Maneesh Krishna as Ramesh

• Jishin Mohan as Ashokan

• Kesiya as Madhuri

• Kanakalatha as Doctor

• Chilanka S Deedhu as Nithya

• Uma Nair as Jyothi

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