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Jharkhand E Pass : Online Registration Jharkhand e Pass Apply, Check Status

Published on Oct 08, 2021

Jharkhand E Pass : Online Registration Jharkhand e Pass Apply, Check Status


Jharkhand E Pass : Jharkhand Movement E Pass for Curfew/Lockdown is available for all individuals who are entitled to work even in Covid19 situations. The Individual and Professional, Duty person, Marriage, Wedding, and other non-restricted persons can now apply for epass for Lockdown Jharkhand Entry.

There is a detailed procedure for Jharkhand Lockdown e pass online application form, Eligibility, time to approval and check Registration status

Jharkhand E Pass

The movement of all type of private vehicles (Two & Four Wheelers) without epass Jharkhand has been completely banned. It is mandatory to show Travel e pass for all people except for health problems and funeral. If you have found without a travel pass you will get in trouble and police will be fine you.

How to apply online Jharkhand Lockdown Pass?

• If you want to apply online through web portal then your district has a website from its own name. Otherwise download PRAGYAAM App from your google play store. IOS users cannot download it as for them the facility is not available.

• Do the verification of your mobile number by adding the number and submitting OTP.

• After that a form will be given to you in which you have to fill that what is the purpose of travelling, vehicle number, passengers travelling, Identity card, travel date, medical condition etc.

• Fill all the details and submit it by adding documents.

• Authorities will verify the documents and issue an e-pass after that.

Earlier there was a website which was made live by the government of Jharkhand at the early stages of Corona Virus. The name of the website was Lockdown. Currently when epass was made mandatory again, many individuals complaint that they are unable to get into the website as it is not in a working condition. To know further about this case, we also get in depth that how individuals will issue their movement e pass online?. The Jharkhand Police is trying to follow the Lockdown Guidelines very strictly. There is no mandatory for Jharkhand E pass to travel, but you have to tell a valid reason to police checking.

Jharkhand State Government has made epass website district wise after Curfew announced till 27th May. Moreover, many services will open and restriction imposes an unnecessary gathering and low essentials operations. For instance, look at the table below. We are naming a few only here, if you also want to know e-pass websites name of your district then you can write us below in the dialog box, we will deliver the name by answering your question. The individual who wants to travel outside or from other state needs to check the rules of e pass Jharkhand to Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal and other districts, interstate people. Moreover, keep at home, be safe.

After Odisha and Bihar announce total Lockdown, The Jharkhand State Hemant Soren Government is finally extended Covid 19 Lockdown till 27 May with tight restrictions. Moreover, the restriction on movement or travel on Migrant will be effected till 31st May. There are three types of Jharkhand Lockdown e Pass Online basically:

1. Inter state E Pass

2. Within the state Movement E-Pass

3. To a certain distance Movement E pass.

Is PRAGYAAM APP is working?

Yes it is working and in function but only android users can download it.

How much we have to wait for an Jharkhand e-pass?

Atleast 24 hours. For nay medical emergency if you do not have e pass you must carry all the hospital documents.

Unable to get an Jharkhand e pass even after multiple trying?

Have you checked eligibility criteria? Do you fall under those categories which can apply for it? Take a look on these checks.

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