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IEEE Seminar Topics : Gramaward Sachivalayam AP Andhrapradesh

Published on Mar 04, 2023 : Gramaward Sachivalayam AP Andhrapradesh : The Andhra Pradesh government has brought in a system of village and ward secretariats like nowhere else in the country. State Chief Minister Shri YS Jagan Mohan Reddy inaugurated the secretariat with the main objective of bringing governance closer to the people and not giving in to corruption or discrimination. 

Village and ward secretariats have 500 services available for about 35 government departments. : Live Updates

If you want a pension .. if you want a ration card .. if you want a house .. if there is a problem with drinking water supply .. if there is work related to civil works .. but health .. but health .. but revenue .. land survey .. child welfare but .. dairy but , Poultry sector services but .. Ilantivenno village secretariats will solve the problem within 72 hours of the application.

It will no longer be a problem for anyone who qualifies to receive government welfare benefits. The government's goal is to put a smile on the face of every poor person. These village secretariats set up for the people should be put to good use by the people. This is the government of the people! Public welfare is the goal of this government !!

134694 --- Grama-Ward Secretariat Staff

249676 --- Grama-Ward Volunteers

540 --- Services

20307318 --- Service Request Registered

19697237 --- Services Delivered

4754 --- Spandana Grievances Redressed

On what basis the applications will sent to the banks for sanctioning of loan under Jagananna Thodu ?

The applications of the eligible candidates will be sent to bank branches based on the Service Area of the Banks in Rural areas and where the applicants have Bank accounts in Urban areas, preferably near to the residence of the applicants.

The Municipal Commissioners/MPDOs/ Lead Bank Managers can send the applications duly considering the work load of the bank branches

If opening of new account is needed the respective banks will open the accounts and Volunteers / Community Coordinators/ Village Organisation Assistants/ Resource Persons / Community Organisers / Welfare Assistant / Ward Welfare & Development Secretary / Bank Correspondents will assist in opening of bank accounts.

Is ID card needed for sanctioning of Jagnanna Thodu Loan?

There is no need of ID Card for sanction of loan under Jagananna Thodu. But ID cards will be given to all Jagananna Thodu beneficiaries to do vending activity without any disturbance from the employees of Local Bodies and Police. The applications for eligible candidates will generate from GSWS portal along with QR code & application number. The welfare Assistant/ Ward Welfare and Development Secretary will take printouts from their GSWS logins. The same printed applications of eligible candidates only will submit to the banks for sanction of loans.

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