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Happy Daughters Day Quotes in Hindi : Daughter's Day Quotes, Wishes, Images, Videos

Published on Oct 08, 2021

Happy Daughters Day Quotes in Hindi : Daughter's Day Quotes, Wishes, Images, Videos

Happy Daughters Day Quotes in Hindi : In a bid to promote equality and celebrate the presence of daughters, this day is celebrated by different countries on different days, but in India, it is usually observed on the fourth Sunday of September which is on 26 September.

Daughters’ Day is celebrated to exclusively honour the girl child in the family. Just as Fathers’ Day or Mothers’ Day is celebrated globally to highlight the importance of fathers and mothers, Daughters’ Day is a celebration of daughters.

Daughters Day Date 2021 is on 26th September

Happy Daughters Day Quotes in Hindi

Daughters Day Wishes and Quotes

• एक माँ और बेटी कभी अलग नहीं हो सकती
चाहे उसके बीच कितनी भी दूरिया आ जाए, Happy Daughters Day 2020!!

• खिलती हुई कलियाँ है बेटियाँ
माँ बाप का दर्द समझती है बेटियाँ
घर को रोश्हन करती है बेटियाँ. Happy Daughters Day 2020!!
लड़के आज है तो आने वाला कल है बेटियाँ

• चिड़ियाँ को देख कर वो बोली पापा मुझे पंखा चाहिए
पापा मन ही मन बोले पँख ना होते हुए भी उड़ जाएगी एक दिन. Happy Daughters Day 2020!!

• सूरज बनने के बाद भगवान् के पास जो रौशनी बची
उसे बेटी बना कर हमारे घर भेज दिया. Happy Daughters Day 2020!!

• Beti ko Chand jaisi mat banao ki har koi ghur ghur k dekhe…
Beti ko Suraj jaisi banao taki ghur ne se pahele sab ki nazar juk jaye…Happy Daughters Day 2020!!

• Jo Mummy aur Papa ko Swarg le jaata hai,
Wo Beta Hota hai par,Jo Swarg ko Ghar Le a।aye,
Wo Beti Hoti hai..! Happy Daughters Day 2020!!

• बेटी से ही आबाद हैं, सबके घर-परिवारअगर न होती बेटियाँ थम जाता संसार !!

• एक बेटा भाग्य से होता है परएक बेटी सौभाग्य से होती हैं।

• बेटियां सभी के नसीब में कहाँ होती हैं,घर खुदा को जो पसंद आये जाये, वहाँ होती हैं।

• माँ-बाप के जीवन में ये दिन भी आता हैजिगर का टुकड़ा ही एक दिन दूर हो जाता है! Happy Daughters Day 2020!!

Daughters Day

Daughters Day


Mother Quotes From Daughter

ऊँगली पकड़ कर चलना सिखाया हमको
अपनी नींद देके चैन से सुलाया हमको
अपने आंसू छुपा के हसाया हमको
कोई दुःख ना देना ऐ खुदा उनको
देदुंगा जान जो कभी रुलाया उनको

Father Daughter Quotes

पिता वो है जो आपको गिरने से पहले थाम लेता है
और आपको फिर से कोशिश करने के लिए कहता है

Mother And Daughter Quotes

कहती बेटी बाह पसारे
मुझे चाहिए प्यार दुलार
बेटी की अनदेखी क्यू
करता है कठोर संसार
सोचो जरा हमारे बिन
बसा सको गे क्या संसार

Betiyan Quotes In Hindi

घर में रहते हुए ग़ैरों की तरह होती हैं बेटियाँ धान के पौधों की तरह होती हैं उड़के एक रोज़ बड़ी दूर चली जाती हैं घर की शाख़ों पे ये चिड़ियों की तरह होती हैं


There is no actual origin of how this day came about. Reportedly, in most countries including India, the girl child has been perceived as a liability, with issues like dowry, female infanticide, and foeticide.

With the aim to tackle crimes against the girl child, a designated day was initially introduced to erase the stigma and the patriarchal beliefs attached to their birth.

There are a number of ways to make your daughter feel loved and cared for. One can celebrate the day by surprising their daughters with gifts, writing heartfelt cards, letters or messages to them, taking them to a great meal or outing or doing absolutely anything to make the bond stronger.

What matters in the end is that you remind them of their importance in your life, and how proud you are of everything they have achieved in life so far.

Parents and family members mark this day by making it special for their daughters. This day also reflects on the development of a girl, a woman or a mother brings into the family. This day is a celebration to strengthen both between parents and their daughter.

Daughters Day Images

Daughter's Day

Daughter's Day

Daughter's Day

Daughter's Day

How is the National Son’s and Daughter’s Day celebrated?

On the National Son’s and Daughter’s Day individuals put aside their works and invest energy with their cherished kids.

Individuals, on this day, share family stories, expectations, and dreams. Individuals commend the day by:

• You can make something unique and exceptional for the kids.

• You can go for them for a stroll, or enjoy a neighborhood park.

• On the off chance that your kids are grown, call them and remind them how special they are to you.

• Surprise your youngsters with gifts despite their age.

• You can utilize #SonsAndDaughtersDay via social media and spread mindfulness about the National Son’s and Daughter’s Day.

Interesting Ideas to Celebrate Daughter’s Day

How you want to make, your daughter feel special this Daughter’s Day is your call. But, here are a few ideas that you may want to check out to get inspired from:

1. Arrange a meal date

A lunch, dinner, or even a Sunday brunch date is the perfect excuse to sit down and spend some time with your daughter. You can talk to her about her aspirations and genuinely get to know her. You never know – it may turn out to be your own little Sunday tradition.

2. Gift her something

Bring your daughter something that she will cherish. This could be an object that connects her to her passion. Does she love music? Get her an instrument. Sign her up for sports classes if she is interested in pursuing some sports. After all, it’s about giving her what she wants.

3. Go on a vacation

Move her out of her usual setting and show her a new place. You can make this a small family vacation, dedicated to your dear daughter. Do the things that she likes while you’re on vacation.

4. Bake a cake or a home-cooked meal

Nothing spells love like hand-made meals, specially made for the person in question. Cook her favourite dishes or bake a cake, or do both. You can invite a few family friends over and make an event out of it.

5. Take her shopping

Take her out and ask her to pick out anything she likes. It doesn’t have to be clothes; it could be books, music, another that you can budget in. There is no better way to bond than go on a shopping spree together.

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