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Ocean Electricity

Published on Apr 02, 2024


Last few year’s development associated with low or even zero based greenhouse gas emitting energy sources is on it’s peak. More recently volatility in the price of oil and gas has increased the number of problems of low greenhouse gas emitting energy sources. Our paper mainly concern’s in this aspect to produce electricity with the lowest p/kWh with no-fuel and delivers power at round the clock without any pollution at 88% efficiency with 750Kw rated value .

Hence we go for Ocean energy with Gaint Sea Snake( Pelamis Wave Energy Converter).


Wave energy is a concentrated form of solar energy: the Sun produces temperature differences across the globe, causing winds that blow over the ocean surface. These cause ripples, which grow into swells. Such waves can then travel thousands of miles with virtually no loss of energy. Don’t confuse these deepwater waves with the waves you see breaking onthe beach. When a wave reaches shallow water (roughly when the depth of the water is less than half a wavelength), it slows down, its wavelength decreases and it grows in height, which leads to breaking.

The major losses of energy are through breaking and through friction with the seabed, so only a fraction of the resource reaches the shore.A wave carries both kinetic and gravitational potential energy. The total energy of a wave depends on two factors: its height H and its period T.The power carried by the wave is proportional to H*H and to T, and is usually given in watt per meter of incident wave front.

How Does It Work

Ocean Power Delivery’s solution is named Pelamis, after Pelamis platuru s, a meter-long sea snake which lives in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The Pelamis wave energy converter is 150 m Long and has a diameter of 3.5 m. 74 members of staff work on Current projects and are also developing future generations of Machines. The Pelamis is a semi-submerged, articulated floating structure composed of four long cylindrical sections linked by hinged joints. At each joint there is a power conversion module.

Ocean Electricity Working


Manufacturing And Assembly

Each Pelamis machine is made up of a number of similar sections, each of which contains an identical joint assembly and power take off equipment. The modular design of the machine allows PWP to maximise build efficiency and allows for easy transition to significant production volumes.

Pelamis machines are an assembly of ‘off the shelf’ proven technology. This use of existing technology widens the supply chain options and increases component reliability. PWP choose suppliers and manufactures who work to the highest quality, safety and sustainability practices. We are committed to developing strong relationships with both new and existing suppliers to share and develop knowledge.

Subsea Power Cables

A power export cable is required to take the power from site to shore. The export cable is laid by contracted cable installers in the manner and route identified in the development and specification stage (note larger projects may require more than one power export cable). From each array of Pelamis machines a dynamic down feeder cable connects to the export cable, with the machines in the array connected together via dynamic inter-connector cables. The dynamic cables are installed after the mooring spreads are complete and are then connected to the export cable.

This split allows the export cable to be installed ahead of the other offshore infrastructure, in turn allowing work on the onshore sub-station to be conducted in parallel with the offshore work. Once connected, the subsea cable network can be commissioned and tested for integrity from the substation, prior to machine installation.

Sub Sea Cables


In India there are many power plants producing electricity For production of electricity tones of coal is going to used but there is no land requirement and fuel cost for the pelamis power plant.. there is only needs to invest amount for installation and runs at very low operating cost. And the power plants 24 hrs and can provided electricity without compared to all power plants this the best power plant producing electricity 24hrs in a day without pollution.

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