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Published on Jun 23, 2022

Top Descriptive Essay Topics

1. People with HIV should tell everyone about their status.

2. Fast food is essential for our fast-paced life.

3. People should stop eating animals.

4. Eating meat is good for health.

5. All foods with GMOs should be labeled.

6. World makes too much food, and the surplus should be sent to the starving regions.

7. Obesity is the biggest killer worldwide.

8. Vitamin supplements can‟t compensate for fruit and vegetables intake.

9. Parents shouldn‟t make their kids eat more than they want to.

10. Students shouldn‟t skip breakfast.

11. We should get rid of skinny models stereotypes to solve the problem of bulimia and anorexia among young girls.

12. Celebrities should have the right for their private life.

13. Celebrities and media are to blame for the decline of moral in America.

14. Violent movies increase violence in teens.

15. Celebrity worship syndrome is normal for teens.

16. Celebrities should avoid promoting bad habits in their works.

17. Social media accounts can contribute to celebrity‟s reputation.

18. Every celebrity should donate money on charity.

19. Celebrity lifestyles, such as spending millions on clothes and jewelry, have negative effects on teens‟ ambitions.

20. Actors shouldn‟t be associated with their movie roles.

21. Audiences should know about the reverse side of celebrity lifestyles – hard work, nervous breakdowns and sacrifice of personal happiness.

22. Modern plagiarism policies are too hard.

23. Users of social networks should give proper credit to the sources of information when sharing something with friends.

24. Self-plagiarism is non-sense.

25. Creativity is a smart combination of ideas of others.

26. SOPA and PIPA don‟t stop piracy, but make pirates more inventive.

27. Wikipedia is a valuable source of information for students.

28. Every teenager should learn what copyright is before sharing her/his poems online.

29. An assignment of intellectual property should always be in a written form.

30. Ignorance of copyright law is no excuse.

31. The accessibility of information on the web is one of the main causes of growing piracy.

32. The egg came before the chicken.

33. Intuition can be more powerful than logical reasoning.

34. Pessimists can turn out to be right, but optimists are more likely to enjoy themselves.

35. Implementation of free will is impossible.

36. There is no single truth, because it is always subjective.

37. Materialism is unable to explain the complete picture of the world.

38. A phenomenally conscious state is always based on a certain subjective experience.

39. Solipsism: We can‟t be sure of anything except for the existence of our own imagination.

40. Moral behavior is necessary for happiness.

41. There is no such thing as justified killing.

42. Men love with their eyes due to gender-specific cognitive mechanisms.

43. Inkblot tests are ineffective for testing individual‟s personality.

44. IQ scores are biased.

45. The fun theory: Having fun is the best type of motivation.

46. Music has a great potential for healing people.

47. Social networks popularity is a temporary phenomenon.

48. Divorces and breakups can be addictive.

49. Kids of divorced parents are more likely to divorce.

50. Moral scandals are worse than financial scandals.

51. Virtual reality can be dangerous for teens.

52. Lotteries should be banned.

53. Media publicity for serial killers increases threat to society.

54. Labor unions can‟t defend the employees‟ rights.

55. Battered woman syndrome is a form of self-defense.

56. Social inequality is a hurdle to society‟s development.

57. Students should learn more about able-ism at schools.

58. The institution of family is still important for society.

59. Civil unions should have the same rights as married couples.

60. Social guarantees make citizens lazier.

61. Postponed parenthood has more positive than negative effects.

62. Rivers have historical significance.

63. Landscapes and natural resources have a significant impact on country‟s economy.

64. Regardless of success of Google Maps, the level of Cartography still leaves much to be desired.

65. Sustainable development should be the central point of Geography education.

66. Tourism helps broaden life views.

67. Country‟s climate has influence on its population mentality.

68. Our goal is to preserve the natural habitats of other species.

69. Geographical studies require state support.

70. People from overpopulated areas can inhabit new regions.

71. Eco-terrorism can‟t solve the global problem of pollution.

72. Mass shootings show that anti-gun laws are a necessity.

73. Guns don‟t kill, people do.

74. People should own guns for self-defense.

75. Education is the only way to stop gun violence.

76. Gun control laws won‟t stop criminals from getting guns.

77. Mass media makes murders look like easy routes to fame.

78. We should ban not only guns, but also air flights and everything that poses potential threat.

79. Gun-control can‟t be put in action because it violates the Second Amendment.

80. Revision of Second Amendment should prevent tragedies.

81. Mental health tests will stop the wrong people from getting guns.

82. Partial birth abortions should be outlawed.

83. The practice of gender selection can improve family relations.

84. Every fetus has the right for life.

85. Fetuses feel pain during an abortion.

86. Abortion allows couples not to bring babies with life-threatening medical conditions.

87. Selective abortion due to genetic abnormalities is a form of discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

88. Abortion can kill a potential genius.

89. Abortion reduces crime.

90. Abortion increases the risks of breast cancer.

91. A baby shouldn‟t come into the world unwanted.

92. Couples should adopt kids instead of spending decades on infertility treatment.

93. Parents should tell kids that they have been adopted.

94. Interracial adoption improves families‟ understanding of diversity.

95. Russian anti-US adoption bill: Adoption shouldn‟t be politicized.

96. Domestic adoption requirements should be as strict as international adoption laws.

97. Same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children.

98. Overseas babies shouldn‟t take the places of US orphans.

99. Adoption procedures should be made easier.

100. Celebrity adoptions are good because they draw attention to this important social problem.

101. The policies of forced adoption in Australia were an unthinkable crime.

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