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Treatment of Leachate Using Low Cost Materials

Published on Nov 30, 2023


The aim of the project work is to treat the landfill leachate before disposal. If leachate is directly disposed into environment it creates serious problems on the surrounding soil, ground water aquifers and nearby surface water . Therefore great attention has been directed towards new techniques based on physico-chemical process, and heavy metals removal using low cost materials as filter media with down flow reactor.

Keywords : landfill leachate, flow reactor, pollutant


To utilize a natural low cost material for treating leachate concentration.

 To avoid potential risks and hazards to public health and ecosystem.

 On purpose of purifying leachate liquid for final discharge to natural Water body and land disposal.

 To reduce the filtration of leachate through waste thus minimizing the migration of toxic pollutant.


Landfill leachate is collected from municipal solid waste landfill site at S P R clean pact at yalahanka.

Reactor body:-Prefabricated PVC pipe material: Laterite soil,peat soil and sugarcane bagasse

 Pvc pipe of 6kg pressure, having 57.15mm internal diameter and 1067mm height.

 Each reactor are provided with 100mm free board at the top; distance of 957mm is maintained between inlet and outlet ports which were kept constant in all reactors.
 Flow reactors R1,R2,R3 and R4 are used for study purpose.

R1-consisting of laterite soil as filter media, R2-consisting of peat soil, R3-consisting of sugarcane bagasse,R4-combination of all filter media in layers.

 Reactors are completely filled with filter media with light compaction in layers.

Down flow

reactor is settled up with inlet at the top and outlet at the bottom for effluent

 Leachate of known concentration is passed to the reactors;

 The flow rate (or) hydraulic retention time is maintained 0.5L/hr

 Required quantity of effluent are collected for the analysis purpose.

 Final concentration of effluent is determined

%Removal = (Co-Ce)*100/Co

Where, Co-Initial concentration of solution (mg/ltr)

Ce-The equilibrium concentration left in the solution (mg/ltr).


Analysis on physico chemical characteristics and heavy metal analysis such as Lead, Copper, Nickel, Zinc presence in the treated leachate are carried out.


 The reactor R1 which is filled with laterite as filter media is more efficient than compare to other reactors in removal of both heavy metals and physico-chemical parameters.

 Sugar cane bagasse and peat filter medias which contains high amount of dissolved organic matter which increases the dissolved solid content and Electrical conductivity.

 The removal of heavy metals is observed in both laterite and combination of all three filter materials.

Scope For Future Work:

 other low cost martials can be used as filter materials such as press mud, Brick bats and other naturally available fibers.

 Lateritic granules of varying sizes can be made use.

 The concentration of leachate at different time intervals can be studied.

Project Done By Mr. Ambrish, Ms. Bindu S., Ms. Mamatha G.C., Mr. Thejas V.