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Published on Nov 30, 2023

VLSI Projects for Students PPT

Soft-Error Tolerance and Mitigation
Design of 16 BIT QPSK
Design of 64-Bit QAM
Design of Finite Impulse Response Filter
Adiabatic Technique For Energy Efficient Logic Circuits Design
Turbo Encoder For LTE Process
Reconfigurable Coprocessor for Redundant Radix-4 Arithmetic
4 BIT SFQ Multiplier
New Adaptive Weight Algorithm For Salt And Pepper Noise Removal
Seal Encryption On FPGA, GPU AND Multi-Core Processors
Lossless Implementation Of Daubechies 8-Tap Wavelet Transform
Design of Control Area Network Protocol
Asynchronous Transfer Mode Knockout Switch
LFSR Based Test Generator Synthesis
Rotation-Based Bist With Self-Feedback
Operation Improvement of Indoor Robot
Low-Power And Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder
Custom Floating-Point Unit Generation
Design of JPEG Compression Standard
A Framework for Correction of Multi-Bit Soft Errors
Spurious-Power Suppression Technique for Multimedia/DSP Applications
Design of A Bus Bridge Between AHB and OCP
General Linear Feedback Shift Register
Design of 16 Point Radix-4 FFT Algorithm
Design and Implementation of Efficient Systolic Array Architecture
Exploitation of Narrow-Width Values
Design And Synthesis Of Programmable Logic Block
Fault Secure Encoder
Pipeline VLSI Architecture
3-D Lifting-based Discrete Wavelet Transform
Shift-Register-Based Data Transposition
Design and Implementation of High Speed DDR SDRAM Controller
Design Of Parallel Multiplier Based On RADIX-2 Modified Booth Algorithm
Cyclic Redundancy Checker Generator
Multilayer AHB Bus Matrix
Novel Area-Efficient FPGA Architectures
Implementation of FFT/IFFT Blocks for OFDM
Behavioral Synthesis of Asynchronous Circuits
Implementation Of Guessing Game
Very Fast and Low Power Carry Select Adder Circuit
Short Range MIMO Communications
VLSI Progressive Coding for Wavelet-based Image Compression
Self-Immunity Technique to Improve Register File Integrity against Soft Errors
Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
Design Of 32 Bit RISC Processor
Multiplication Acceleration Through Twin Precision
Task Migration In Mesh NOCS
AMBA-Advanced High Performance Bus IP Block
Design of On-Chip Bus with OCP Interface
Implementation Of Discrete Wavelet Transform
Programmable Logic Block With Mixed LUT and MACROGATE
Design Of Reversible Finite Field Arithmetic
Design Of Radix-2 Butterfly processor to prevent Overflow in The Arithmetic
Viterbi Decoder for High Speed Applications
Efficient FPGA Implementation Of Convolution
Low Power ALU Design By Ancient Mathematics
Low Power Hardware Architecture for VBSME using Pixel Truncation
Reliable and Cost Effective Anti-collision Technique For RFID UHF Tag
Carry Tree Adder
Power Management Of MIMO Network Interfaces On Mobile Systems
Floating Point Multiplier
8 Bit PICCO Processor
High-Accuracy Fixed-Width Modified Booth Multipliers
DDR3 Based Lookup Circuit for High Performance Network Processing
Performance Analysis of Integer Wavelet Transform For Image Compression
ASIC Design Of Complex Multiplier
A Processor-In-Memory Architecture For Multimedia Compression
Designing Efficient Online Testable Reversible Adders
Lightweight High-Performance Fault Detection Scheme
High Performance Complex Number Multiplier Using Booth-Wallace Algorithm
Dual Data Rate SDRAM Controller
FPGA-Based Architecture For Linear And Morphological Image Filtering
Automatic Road Extraction Using High Resolution Satellite Images
Low Power Flip-Flop Using Cmos Deep Submicron Technology
Cordic Processor for Complex DPLL
Digital Base Band Processor for UWB Transceiver
Detecting Background Setting For Dynamic Scene
OFDM Transmitter and Receiver Using FPGA
Traffic Light Controller
Module To Implement I2C Interface
Advanced Encryption System to Improvise System Speed
Design of Data Encryption Standard (DES) for Data Encryption
Low-Complexity Sequential Searcher For Robust Symbol Synchronization In OFDM Systems
Removal Of High Density Salt And Pepper Noise
Dual Stack Method
Quadrature Phase Shifting key Modulator Module
High Throughput DA-Based DCT With High Accuracy
Floating Point Vector Coprocessor
Dual Elevator Controller
Register For Phase Difference Based Logic
Building An AMBA AHB Compliant Memory Controller
Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer
High-Speed Low-Power Viterbi Decoder Design For TCM Decoders
Design of Phelix Algorithm
Parallel Prefix Adders Using FPGAS
Rail-Passenger Information System
JPEG Image Compression
Triple Des Algoritm