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PHP Project Software


Fleet Manager

The 'Greyhound Fleet Manager' keeps track the information about the Vehicles, Maintenance, Repair, Parts, Employees, Location and Vendors. It also keeps track the maintenance performed for different vehicles which are used for transportation. The super users of the system are the 'ADMIN' and the 'MANAGERS' of the different departments allocated......>>>>Read More


In current system, in order to find out the location of friends, user need to call and ask friend about his where abouts. The proposed system will help user to find out friends locations as well as the distance from user’s location. The proposed system will also allow user to see all friends on Google map as well.The application “Friend Locator on Mobiles” solves all these problems. It offers.....>>>>Read More


The main aim of this project is to provide the services to the users. ISP will provide the internet services to the users. Here we present an overview of the pieces you need to run an ISP and how these pieces come together to provide service to your users. We document the critical pieces for you, point to collections of useful tools. This section attempts to describe each module of the project in brief, and the detailed description of each of these modules is spread throughout this document......>>>>Read More



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