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Software Engineering Project Proposal


Multi Banking System

The Multi Banking System Interface is targeted to the future banking solution for the users who is having multiple bank accounts in multiple banks. This interface integrates all existing banks and provides business solutions for both retail and corporate.This system acts as a standard interface between the clients and all the banks, By using this portal any client who maintain accounts......>>>>Read More


Multi User Chat System uses the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT); this AWT is used for designing the application like creating scrollbars, button layouts. Swings are used for creating list controls, buttons, labels, tree controls, table controls. Applet s are used to provide the standard interface between the applet and the browser environment. A network socket is a lot like an electrical socket. Various plugs around the network have a standard way of .....>>>>Read More


We propose a general purpose image segmentation framework, which involves feature extraction and classification in feature space, followed by flooding and merging in spatial domain. Region growing is based on the computed local measurements and distances from the distribution of features describing the different classes. Using the properties of the label dependent distances spatial coherence is ensured.....>>>>Read More



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