In this page you can find Software Engineering Projects SE and Software Engineering SE projects with Source Code Free Download for Final Year Software Engineering or CSE, IT Students. Also Explore SE Thesis Papers and Android Mobile Based Projects with Abstract, Synopsis in PDF PPT and DOC Format for the year 2013.

Software Engineering Projects SE


E-Post Office

The e-Post Office is the shopping portal of the world-renowned postal service on the Internet and an additional distribution channel. It sells Stamps, Postcards, Packets, and Cartons and has services like courier, registering for electricity vendors, selling mobile cards, etc. Under this website many products and services can be ordered, that are also available in a "normal" branch. The product prices are identical with the prices of their ......>>>>Read More



This project is aimed at developing a system by which the employees in the organization submit the bills to their managers. The bills could of various types and also of various amounts. The employee after submitting the bill will automatically provide the manager's name to which the bill will be submitted. The bill will pass through a workflow process and the owner of the bill can view the status of the bill at any time.......>>>>Read More


Live-eTutor is an online tutoring program ran by qualified live tutor's online perfect for your children to enhance their education online. Online tutoring is an easy way to teach kids and to let them have fun while learning. Live-eTutor has advanced online tutoring techniques using an advanaced online classroom to tutor children online. By using an online tutoring white board.....>>>>Read More



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