Fleet Manager



The 'Greyhound Fleet Manager' keeps track the information about the Vehicles, Maintenance, Repair, Parts, Employees, Location and Vendors. It also keeps track the maintenance performed for different vehicles which are used for transportation.

The super users of the system are the 'ADMIN' and the 'MANAGERS' of the different departments allocated by the admin. The admin may be the owner of the transportation organization or the manager of transportation department of a particular manufacturing company.

If any other vehicle is added to the fleet which already exists for the organization/department the details of the vehicle is added. The details includes whether it is a new one or taken any loan/lease. Any employee is newly appointed or the existing employee is taken off both the details are maintained including their personal details and profession details.

The details of the maintenance that are being performed such as repairs/services and to be performed are also maintained. The maintenance to be performed can also be scheduled for each type of vehicles. The details of the parts/inventory used for the vehicles are maintained. The reorder level and the reorder quantity are predefined for each particular type of part.

The Vendors or suppliers of the vehicles, parts and performs maintenance required for the vehicles. The particulars of the various vendors are maintained in this system.

Proposed System:

  • In order to avoid the limitations in the existing system, the current system is being developed.
  • All vehicle details will be automated along with the staff information.
  • Scheduling of trips and repair information is being fully automated to overcome chaos in the system


  • User Authentication
  • Vehicle
  • Inventory
  • Employee information
  • Maintenance


  • HDD 20 GB Min 40 GB Recommended
  • RAM 1 GB Min 2 GB Recommended


  • OS Windows XP with SP2 or Windows Vista
    Database MS-SQL server 2005
    Technologies ASP.NET with VB.NET
    IDE Ms-Visual Studio .Net 2008
    Browser IE





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