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IEEE Seminar Topics

Published on Nov 30, 2023

Clinical Microbiology Seminar Topics 2016

Current status of Lyme Disease research
Helicobacter pylori and GI tract disease
Genetic predisposition to cancer
Mycobacterium tuberculosis and antibiotic resistance, a re-emerging disease and public health problem.
Four Corners Disease (Hantavirus)
Pathogen identification and food safety
Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases
Streptococcal toxic-shock syndrome
Streptococci; "Flesh-eating bacteria"
Microsporidiosis, a new human disease previously known only in animals
TB and antibiotic resistance, a re-emerging disease and public health problem.
Role of bacteriocins in food safety
Antigenic shift and drift of influenza virus, genetic basis and clinical implication
The increase in antimicrobial resistance
Ebola, a newly emerging disease
Moribilliviruses and wildlife diseases
Pfisteria piscicida; dramatic fishkills and subtle effect
T. cruzi epidemiology and control in South American
Global climate change and change in disease distributions.
Good bacteria in and on our bodies and in our environment
Malaria - have we lost this biowar?
Tropical Medicine and Pharmaceuticals - who should pay for developing/producing drugs against tropical diseases.
AIDS in Africa: Resource Needs for HIV/AIDS
The Foot-and-Mouth epidemic in Great Britain.
Developing "Ethnic" Drugs; accounting for inherited physiological differences.
Brain Gate
Palm Vein Technology
Virtual Surgery
Robotic Surgery
Sensitive Skin
Hybridoma Technology
Iris Scanning
Medical Imaging
Treating Cardiac Disease With Catheter-Based Tissue Heating
Brain Implants
Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry
Micro Electronic Pill
Carbon Nanotube Flow Sensors
Biometrics Based Authentication Systems
Bacterio Rhodopsin Memory
Bio Chips
Disease Detection Using Bio-robotics
Optical Coherence Tomography