Seminar Topics

IEEE Seminar Topics

Published on Nov 30, 2023

Applied and Environmental Microbiology Seminar Topics

Biocontrol Of Plant Pathogens
DNA Vaccines/Edible Vaccines/Subunit Vaccines - What Works? What Doesn't?
GMOS And World OPIN Ion
Enhancing Our Food Supply Through Genetic Engineering
Catalytic Antibodies (Engineering Antibodies To Function As Enzymes)
Biocatalysis For The Production Of High-Value Chemicals
Where Will The New Antimicrobials Come From?
Cold Acclimation In Plants And Bacteria
Enzymes And Proteins From The Extreme Thermophiles
Bacterial Bioluminescence
Analysis Of Bacteria In Fossil Samples
Production Of Insecticidal Compounds By Bacteria And Fungi
Biological Forensis Techniques: Methods And Applications
Bioengineering Custom Microbes
Plant/Microbe Interactions Important In Phytoremediation
Molecular Electronics: Assembling Nanocircuits, Another Role For DNA?
Nitrogen Fixation By Spirochetes.
Microbial Alchemy: Using Bacteria To Mine Precious Metals.
Brain Gate
Palm Vein Technology
Virtual Surgery
Robotic Surgery
Sensitive Skin
Hybridoma Technology
Iris Scanning
Medical Imaging
Treating Cardiac Disease With Catheter-Based Tissue Heating
Brain Implants
Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry
Micro Electronic Pill
Carbon Nanotube Flow Sensors
Biometrics Based Authentication Systems
Bacterio Rhodopsin Memory
Bio Chips
Disease Detection Using Bio-robotics
Optical Coherence Tomography